KDVR is finally ready to expand its morning newscast, but is also expanding into midday as well.

KDVR 31 / Denver (“FOX 31 Denver”)

Get ready for even more local morning news from KDVR. But not just in the morning, but even a new one on midday as well.

Starting Monday April 11th, KDVR 31 is expanding its weekday morning newscast, FOX 31 Denver News – Good Day Colorado, to an extra half-hour. It will finally join the other “BIG Three” stations (KCNC 4 – CBS, KMGH 7 – ABC and KUSA 9 – NBC) in offering local morning newscasts at 4:30am but will leave its own sister station, KWGN 2 (CW) to continue to start at 5:00am.

But not only that, KDVR 31 will also debut a half-hour midday newscast at 11:00am on the same day with FOX 31 Denver News Midday. This newscast will compete against KUSA 9’s half-hour 11:00am midday newscast on its sister station KTVD 20 (MyTV) and the first half-hour of KMGH 7’s hour-long 11:00am midday newscast.

Brooke Wagner and Kirk Yuhnke will anchor the new half-hour at 4:30am and the new midday newscast at 11:00am. FOX 31 Denver Pinpoint Weather NWA/Sealed Meteorologist Greg Dutra will also be available for both broadcasts. FOX 31 Denver Timesaver Traffic‘s Ken Clark will also continue to the new 4:30am newscast and will ONLY be on from 4:30-9:00am.

According to the station, KDVR 31 will soon broadcast 44.5 hours of local news per week, which they say is 9.5 more hours than any other station in Denver television. Combined with their sister station, KWGN 2, it will produce 69.5 hours of local news per week.

KDVR 31 and KWGN 2’s Vice President and General Manager, Joan Barrett (who recently came over from KWCH 12 – CBS and KSCW 33 – CW in Wichita):

“The FOX 31 team is committed to providing news when and where our viewers need it. The earlier morning start and a midday newscast are ways we believe we can better serve Coloradans and we will continue to look for more opportunities in the future.”

KDVR 31 and KWGN 2’s Vice President of News and Digital Content:

“Morning news is becoming more and more important and a lot of people tune in early. In order to be competitive and to give our viewers what they want, we need to start at 4:30 a.m. We also believe there is an appetite for mid-day news and we can easily deliver in the 11 a.m. time period.”

So yes, even more more and new midday news is coming to KDVR 31, a station that has taken forever to expand in the morning, but will finally do so. All I can say is… it’s about time!


8 thoughts on “KDVR is finally ready to expand its morning newscast, but is also expanding into midday as well.

      • You mean like KTVI does the am news and11 am news , KPLR does the news at noon ,4pm ,and 7 and TVI at 5 ,6, 10, 11pm non competing?

        Well the reason for the morning competition on KWGN and KDVR is both channels have popular morning shows … KWGN’s I watched for years … and I feel they don’t wanna make some viewers mad by killing of one the morning shows.. , do wish KWGN added news at the weekend again though , they’ve had the same line up of newscasts since 2009 , when they dropped the 11am , moved the 9pm to 7pm.


      • This is what I was thinking. Since these two stations are both owned by Tribune (which also owns KTVI/KPLR) and they are operated the same, I would expect them to keep adding new newscasts. I mean KTVI/KPLR have 80+ hours currently and KTVI’s 11am is also called Midday.

        Speaking of KTVI/KPLR. I wish they would even out the hours so KPLR has more. KTVI has 4am to 10am, 11am, 5pm, 6pm, 9pm, 10pm 11pm; while KPLR has 12am, 4pm, and 7pm. Maybe move the 4am hour to KPLR?


  1. I think KDVR news is the same as KWGN both stations are owned by Tribune Broadcasting. so there will be somewhat of a 4:30am newscast and midday newscast on KWGN it will be on KDVR instead


    • KWGN and KDVR are in the same building , same owners, same news director, same reporters, do have some anchor sharing. But they are also separate in the morning it’s like WTTV and WXIN , both stations produce their own morning newscasts with separate anchor teams. the 4:30am newscast is KDVR’s not KWGN’s and Midday is Fox 31’s not Channel 2’s .


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