KCWI to start airing local newscasts, produced by WOI.

KCWI-TV 23 / Ames – Des Moines (“KCWI 23 – The CW”)
WOI-DT 5 / Ames – Des Moines (“Local 5”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG (other than The Des Moines Register): If you’ve been living under a rock by now, KCWI is now owned by Nexstar Broadcast Group, making it a sister station to WOI. NOW, those changes are starting to come into effect and starting soon, KCWI will air news… produced by WOI.

The Des Moines Register first reported about this and we’re the FIRST media industry observer website to look at this information and I can tell you that KCWI 23 will soon air local newscasts produced by WOI 5, as early as next month on Monday April 11th.

Starting on that day, KCWI 23 will continue to air a local morning show, but will be rebranded from KCWI 23’s Great Day to The KCWI 23 Morning Show (which was rebranded just a few weeks ago) to now, CW Iowa LIVE and will be aired from 7:00-10:00am, cutting the 6:00am hour as to avoid competing against its own sister station, WOI 5 which airs a LIVE morning newscast at 6:00am called Local 5 News – Good Morning Iowa and airs from 5:00-7:00am.

In terms of competition, its already home to the area’s ONLY local morning newscast from 7:00-10:00am and that will remain. This will come after KCWI 23 will move from its studios at S.W. 7th Street in Des Moines to WOI 5’s studios and broadcasts facilities in Westown Parkway in West Des Moines on Friday April 1st (April Fools’ Day, but this is no joke).

WOI 5’s General Manager, Jon Skorburg, tells The Des Moines Register that the new weekday morning newscast will retain the variety-show feel of Great Day, but will include more news segments from WOI 5’s news team.

“We don’t anticipate making any sweeping changes with it. That show has a successful niche in the marketplace. We’re not going to reinvent the wheel there.”

Skorburg also says that Jackie Schmillen and Lou Sipolt, two of Great Day‘s three mainstays, will host the rebranded three-hour morning show. But this ain’t the only new addition that KCWI 23 is getting…

A new nightly newscast will soon be aired on KCWI 23 that will have the same name as the morning show which is scheduled to start in April or in May.

CW Iowa LIVE at 9:00 will air for a half-hour, 7 nights a week at 9:00pm and will be produced by WOI 5 as well. In terms of competition, it will compete against the long-established WHO 13 (NBC)’s nightly 9:00pm newscast (hour-long weeknights and half-hour weekends) on news partner KDSM 17 (FOX) and the recently launched KCCI 8 (CBS)’s nightly 9:00pm nightly newscast (half-hour, 7 nights a week) on its second digital subchannel, KCCI-DT 8.2 which is home to Me-TV Des Moines. I don’t know as to who will anchor the new 9:00pm newscast on KCWI 23 but it will more likely be somebody from WOI 5’s news team.

However, according to The Des Moines Register, Skorburg said that the transition has come with layoffs, but can’t comment on specific personnel. He also declined to say how many employees are affected.

“A consolidation like this one creates some duplication of positions, which often result in one-time only reductions.”

So in review, the morning show and a brand new primetime newscast is coming for KCWI 23, produced by their newest sister station WOI 5. The changes start in April, so get ready (again) Central Iowa and good luck to WOI 5 and to everybody at KCWI 23 with the changes.


10 thoughts on “KCWI to start airing local newscasts, produced by WOI.

  1. Back in the mid to late 1990’s I think WOI-TV 5 had a 30 minute 4:00pm newscast. I think the 4pm newscast was short lived for only a few years. I think WOI discountiued its 4:00pm newscast in 1999 or 2000.


  2. I Hope WOI will use the digital side channels of 5.2, 23.2 and .3 for additional programming, like Get.TV, which is a great movie channel. WOI used to have alternate programming on their 5.2, but closed out that a couple years ago.


    • And don’t expect WOI to have additional subchannels, anytime soon. Nexstar HATES subchannels and I don’t know why.

      It’s rare to see a Nexstar station with subchannels that aren’t designed for a major network (ie. CW, MyTV, FOX, etc.)


  3. Another move for corporate giants to get bigger and that only means a matter of time before they fuck up a great morning show…Great Day. I’m telling you this shit has to stop! I really don’t understand how Americans can forget so easy! Back at the turn of the last century we had the same damn mess. The steel industry, railroads etc. Had the working class shackled! Today we have the corporate giants controlling us like we are robots. It’s bullshit!! Money!! EVERY THING is about money. So sad. KC WI sold out. So sad! Good luck Lou Jackie and Jason keeping your jobs! Eventually you will all be squeezed out by something stupid and ridiculous. Because that seems to be what Americans want! Not good, quality, wholesome small town programming. I love America the beautiful. But boy am I so disappointed in our leadership and our citizens a ceiling these kicks in the head and the raping of our pocket books! Things gotta change and I sure don’t see any of these typical politicians running for the leader of our great country changing a damn thing!!! One day it will change. Unfortunately I’m afraid it won’t be pretty! God Bless America!!! Thank you! Mr. Kim Scheuermann


    • Okay! Wow. What a surprise comment. But just to let you know, I’m not KCWI. I’m “The Changing Newscasts Blog.” I’m glad you said that but if you want KCWI to hear it, then post it on KCWI’s Facebook page or on the “We Are Iowa” Facebook page.


  4. Find it amusing how the talking heads,at kcwi and woi both go on about how unique and original their programming is and then the 1st “improvement” that happens once nexstar takes over kcwi is put on a news at 9 show just like kcci and who/kdsm already has. Yep so unique and original.


    • I far as I’m concerned all this merger/corporate gobbling up of as many stations you can has created garbage! It’s a twisted up mess. No wonder Jason parkin left great day. You destroyed great day. I no longer watch it! Just a matter of time before Lou and Jackies are looking for jobs. As far as coupling up with woi. LOL! That channel is just low budget shit! AND!! CUBS BASEBALL BROADCASTING!!! WTF?? I get home to watch a game. Turn on tv and it says on the guide portion of my screen, Cubs vs Pirates. And it’s regular programming. And these are the things your going to do to build a new company? CRAP! YOU HAVE TAKEN KCWI DOWN THE TOILET! Which you don’t care because this is just some kind of huge money scam! Welcome to the USA. You corporate pigs are des trying our beautiful Cou try. And one day you will be brought to your knees by , We the People!!!!! On May 3, 2016 11:34 PM, “The Changing Newscasts Blog” wrote:

      > Jason Mefferd commented: “Find it amusing how the talking heads,at kcwi > and woi both go on about how unique and original their programming is and > then the 1st “improvement” that happens once nexstar takes over kcwi is put > on a news at 9 show just like kcci and who/kdsm already has” >


      • Ma’am, I’m not KCWI 23. Please, for the love of the site, realize that I’m not KCWI 23 and if you wanna complain at them, then search “KCWI” on Facebook. But don’t do it here. And please don’t say I wrote that comment because I never did.

        And please look at the site and do some research about what I do before you make a comment like that. I’m only the messenger/reporter, not the stations itself.

        Thank you. – Roly.


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