WOFL has expanded its weekday “Good Day” by an extra half-hour.

WOFL 35 / Orlando – Daytona Beach – Melbourne (“FOX 35”)
WOGX 51 / Ocala – Gainesville (“FOX 51”)

If you’re looking for more morning news in Orlando, then one station has jumped the gun and is now starting earlier than anybody else in Central Florida.

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An UPDATE on KRON’s brand new 10:00 p.m. newscast.

KRON-TV 4 / San Francisco – Oakland – San Jose (“KRON 4”)

FTVLive is reporting about it but so does KRON themselves on their website but if you don’t wanna see both for the latest, them come here to us. Here’s the latest on KRON’s newest, upcoming newscast.

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There have been some changes involving mostly every station in the Myrtle Beach/Florence market.

WBTW 13 / Florence – Myrtle Beach (“WBTW News 13”)
WFXB 43 / Myrtle Beach – Florence (“FXB FOX TV”)
WPDE-TV 15 / Florence – Myrtle Beach (“ABC 15”)
WWMB 21 / Florence – Myrtle Beach (“WWMB CW 21”)
WMBF-TV 32 / Myrtle Beach – Florence (“WMBF News”)
WMBF-DT 32.2 / Myrtle Beach – Florence (“Bounce Myrtle Beach/Florence”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: Yep… mostly all of them. I don’t know when these changes happened but they all happened and are currently on the air. I will detail them right now.

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WIAT’s local news will soon be seen at noon as well.

WIAT 42 / Birmingham – Tuscaloosa – Anniston (“WIAT CBS 42”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: WIAT is considered one of CBS’ weaker affiliates. So when you hear that WIAT could be adding another newscast, it sometimes makes you think how when WIAT’s ratings are so bad? Answer… money. Probably not the reason why WIAT is doing this, but we’ll report it to you anyways…

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