KTVN is about to hit the 7:00 p.m. jackpot in Reno.

KTVN 2 / Reno (“Channel 2”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: Starting tomorrow, KTVN will do something that no other station in Reno has done yet or probably will not do… weeknight 7:00pm news.

Starting tomorrow, Monday April 4th, KTVN 2 will launch a weeknight half-hour 7:00pm newscast. Titled Channel 2 News at 7:00, the newscast will be followed after the station’s weeknight 6:30pm newscast. In terms of competition in Western Nevada, this will be the ONLY local weeknight newscast on at 7:00pm in The Biggest Little City in the World because KRNV 4 (NBC) and KOLO 8 (ABC) both end their weeknight newscasts at 7:00pm. The station is promoting the 7:00pm newscast as if the 6:30pm news has been extended to a full hour.

A programming note is made because of this… Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? (the syndicated version that’s still on-the-air and hosted by Chris Harrison) is being moved to 12:00 Noon, replacing Inside Edition, which will remain at 7:30pm.

Programming notes because of KTVN 2’s brand new 7:00pm newscast, scheduled to launch tomorrow.

So another newscast is coming to Western Nevada and KTVN 2 is ready to go first in a specific timeslot. Lets see how they fair on this one…


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