In Gainesville: GTN is gone, but CBS 4 is here on WGFL. And WNBW is affected too.

WGFL 28 (Cable 4) / High Springs – Gainesville, FL (“CBS 4”)
WNBW-DT 9 / Gainesville, FL (“NBC 9”)

This is a story that Florida NewsCenter broke on its site and I think it needs to be reported on here because its SEVERELY under seen in the media industry and possibly, nobody saw this coming.

Since Monday, WGFL 28 (Cable 4; will use 4 for branding purposes) and WNBW 9 has ditched the GTN News name in favor of CBS 4 News, which tells you two things. One… WGFL 4 produces the local newscasts and two… no mentions of WNBW 9 or NBC on WGFL 4’s newscasts. This includes a new logo for WGFL 4 which resembles a look and logo identical to sister station KDBC 4 (CBS) in El Paso’s look and logo. And again, no references to WNBW 9 or NBC at all, as Florida NewsCenter is reporting.

Unfortunately, no changes were made to their newscast schedule as they are still just on weeknights at 6:00 and 11:00pm on both WGFL 4 and WNBW 9. The site is also reporting that Sinclair (which operates WGFL 4 and WNBW 9 under master service agreements) uses their Gainesville studios to produce local newscasts for other stations in the country, including WGBC 30 (FOX/NBC) in Meridian, MS; WHPM-LD 23 (FOX) in Hattiesburg, MS; WYDC 48 (FOX/MyTV) in Elmira and WRDE-LD 31 (NBC/MyTV) in Salisbury, MD.

Pictures from Florida NewsCenter. Old graphics under GTN News, used until 4/1/2016.
Pictures from Florida NewsCenter. WGFL 28’s new open which is also identically seen on WNBW 9.
Pictures from Florida NewsCenter. The anchors in the set of WGFL 28 with the new look and logo.
Pictures from Florida NewsCenter. Another look at the set with a one-person shot.

So GTN News is dead and CBS 4 News has come alive. I rarely report on branding changes, but since because WGFL 28 and WNBW 9 are operated by Sinclair, I thought I’d do so under this exception.


2 thoughts on “In Gainesville: GTN is gone, but CBS 4 is here on WGFL. And WNBW is affected too.

  1. Please give me antenna numbers for CBS and NBC ,,,is it 28 something ? i would be blkessed if you could send to me …Thank you and God Bless


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