Erie News NOW is expanding… this time, 7:00 p.m. on WICU.

WICU-TV 12 and WSEE-DT 35.3 / Erie, PA (“WICU 12”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG (other than The Erie Times-News): It was just in September of last year when the blog reported by WICU and WSEE were merging together to bring one set of distinctive newscasts on both stations. Less than a year after that, the news operation is already expanding.

Starting this upcoming Monday, Erie News NOW will add a LIVE half-hour and weeknight 7:00pm newscast on WICU 12. Titled Erie News NOW at 7:00, it will be the ONLY local weeknight newscast on at that timeslot in the area and according to The Erie Times-News, the first time WICU 12 will do so in 3 decades (1986; the year the famous NBC peacock logo was unveiled so *almost* happy 30th to that).

The newscast will be anchored by the already current evening news anchors, Mike Ruzzi and Amanda Post. The weeknight newscasts at 5:00 (WICU 12), 5:30 (WICU 12) and 6:00pm (WICU 12 and WSEE 35) will continue.

Erie News NOW‘s News Director, Tim Mello:

“The 7 p.m. newscast will be different. We will have more longform pieces and utilize our reporters who will be out in the field at that time.”

This brings programming changes, of course, to WICU 12. The station will move Inside Edition by a half-hour from 7:00 to 7:30pm, while syndicated reruns of Modern Family, which currently airs at 7:30pm, will move to Erie Pennsylvania CW (WICU 12.2/WSEE 35.2) at 1:00pm.

Mello also points out that the new 7:00pm newscast will NOT be simulcast on WSEE 35 (CBS) due to the station airing the WOF-J! hour at 7:00pm. Mello says that…

“WSEE still has contracts with ‘Wheel of Fortune‘ and ‘Jeopardy!‘ They are both highly watched shows.”

So while WSEE 35 will continue to air the popular WOF-J! game show hour, WICU 12 will develop a news hour at 7:00pm with a new local newscast, followed by the newsmagazine Inside Edition at 7:30pm.

I think this will be great, but we’ll see how Northwest Pennsylvania viewers react to this.


4 thoughts on “Erie News NOW is expanding… this time, 7:00 p.m. on WICU.

  1. This story is not quite right.

    First of all, “Now” in Erie News Now is not capitalized in any of the station branding.

    Second, the 7 p.m. news ran in Erie until at least 1992, so the 1986 date and three decade mentions are inaccurate. Even the source you pulled this story from is inaccurate in that regard. That’s why it’s important to verify the information yourself before using it.

    Last, mentioning “news hour” in this article is incorrect. The show is only 30 minutes long, regardless if Inside Edition runs immediately afterwards. That is a tabloid, not a newscast.


    • To be fair, I did use that 3 decade mention from GoErie. I had no idea since I don’t live there and I like to capitalize the “NOW” part, even if others don’t. Finally, some would see “Inside Edition” as something of a news program, even if its a tabloid because its considered a “newsmagazine” by the syndication industry.


    • The first attempt only ran for 6 years as you said until 1992.

      From TVSpy quoting a viewer on Facebook:
      “Congratulations! This is HUGE for the Market! The last time there was a 7pm newscast was in 1992 – when then “NewsCenter12″ was at 7 & 11pm … then in September of that year they switched to 6 and 11pm,” a viewer wrote on Facebook.


  2. For some weird reason I predicted that a TV station in Erie would get more local news this week but didn’t know what station WJET, WICU, WSEE would be getting a newscast.


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