KSTU is expanding its midday news block to a full two hours.

KSTU 13 / Salt Lake City (“FOX 13”)

KSTU’s “rivals” have midday newscasts and air for an hour. However, starting later this month, KSTU’s midday newscast won’t go for just one hour… it will go for two hours.

Starting Monday April 25th, KSTU 13 will expand its current 90-minute midday news block to a full two hours with FOX 13 News – LIVE at Noon being expanded from 30 minutes to a full hour. In that timeslot, that newscast will now compete in full with KUTV 2 (CBS)’s hour-long noon newscast as well as the hour-long noon newscast on KSL 5 (NBC). KSTU 13 also airs an hour-long 11:00am newscast with FOX 13 News – LIVE at Midday and in that newscast, it competes against KTVX 4 (ABC) in that timeslot in the area.

However, this will be Utah’s first-ever two-hour (continuous) midday news block and its rare across the country as the only other station that I can think of that does this currently is WBBH 20 (Cable 2; NBC) in Ft. Myers which also air a 11:00am-1:00pm continuous midday news block.

From left to right: Kelly Chapman, Kerri Cronk, Max Roth and Allison Croghan.

KSTU 13’s midday news block is anchored by a split team. From 11:00am-12:00 Noon, the news will continue to be anchored by Kelly Chapman and Kerri Cronx. Max Roth and Allison Croghan will now expand another half-hour to their duties and anchor from 12:00-1:00pm.

And now with this, KSTU 13 will soon produce 9.5 hours of LIVE and local news, each weekday, bringing it to 57 hours/week, a stat that the station claims is approx. 50% more hours of news than their rivals: KUTV 2, KTVX 4 or KSL 5.

KSTU 13’s General Manager, Tim Ermish:

“Utah’s most-watched news has tripled the amount of coverage in the past decade. Together with our groundbreaking social media outreach, news content and distribution is our commitment, not a campaign.”

KSTU 13’s News Director, Marc Sternfield:

“This expansion further demonstrates Fox 13’s commitment to delivering quality local news to our viewers at times that are convenient for them. We are proud to be Utah’s leader in breadth and depth of local news coverage.”

NOTE: With this expansion, KSTU 13 will now take the entire midday block (11:00am-2:00pm) with their two newscasts from 11:00am-1:00pm and then, their midday lifestyle/talk show (pay-to-plug show, depending on how you see it) called FOX 13’s The Place which airs weekdays at 1:00pm.

So the station that produces the most hours of local news in Utah is about to make its midday news block a whole lot bigger. And this come from a station that is really gaining ground and starting to become a run for KUTV 2’s money, since KUTV 2 is still currently the #1 news station in Utah. But this could change everything…


7 thoughts on “KSTU is expanding its midday news block to a full two hours.

  1. WBBH-TV 2/20 in Fort Myers/Naples in your state of Florida across the peninsula from your city of Miami has a 2-hour midday news block from 11:00a to 1:00pm


  2. KSL-TV 5 outh to break away from NBC and become independent and go the route of KTVK-TV in Phoenix, WISH-TV in Indy, WJXT-TV in Jacksonville, KRON in San Francisco and soon to be WHDH in Boston because KSL always has disputes about what kind of prime time programming is on NBC and a lot of the times KSL refuses to run certain NBC Prime time shows. If KSL management has a problem with certain types of network shows then they should break away from NBC next time KSL is up for network renewal and become independent so KSL can chose what programming they want on their station instead of refusing to air shows they don’t like or agree with


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