An UPDATE on KRON’s brand new 10:00 p.m. newscast.

KRON-TV 4 / San Francisco – Oakland – San Jose (“KRON 4”)

FTVLive is reporting about it but so does KRON themselves on their website but if you don’t wanna see both for the latest, them come here to us. Here’s the latest on KRON’s newest, upcoming newscast.

I now know when KRON 4’s new hour-long 10:00pm newscast will debut: Monday, May 16th. That’ll be the day when the new KRON 4 News at 10:00 will debut. It will be broadcast for an hour-long, 7 nights a week at 10:00pm and will compete against the nightly half-hour newscast on KBCW 44 (CW), produced by their sister station KPIX 5 (CBS) since 2008 and the LONG-TIME established and #1 primetime newscast in the market and possibly still in the country… The 10:00 O’Clock News on KTVU FOX 2 on KTVU 2 (FOX).

As previously reported by FTVLive and by us, KRON 4 will move the second hour of MyTV programming to after midnight to accommodate the new newscast which will then be followed by a shortened 15-minute newscast at 11:00pm and then Inside Edition with Deborah Norville at 11:15pm.

KRON 4’s Vice President and General Manager, Ashley Messina:

“We are committed to being ‘The Bay Area’s News Station’ and providing this additional coverage is both an important and exciting opportunity. Being on at 10 O’clock, when the appetite for local news is the greatest, is a natural evolution to our commitment.”

KRON 4’s News Director, Aaron Pero:

“We also want to serve our audience that prefers a late news following network prime. We know that 11pm is getting late for most viewers and a quick recap would be a great alternative.”

The new newscast will be anchored by legendary Bay Area journalist and KRON 4 veteran, Pam Moore. This is how the station promotes Pam on their website:

“Joining KRON4 in 1991, Pam is the recipient of many local and national awards including a Peabody, Emmys, and an award from the Associated Press for Best Investigative Reporting. She is a former VP for Broadcast of the National Association of Black Journalists.”

More talent is coming to KRON 4 because of the 10:00pm news expansion and apparently, a new co-anchor will be hired in the coming weeks to possibly anchor with Pam at 10:00 and 11:00pm as she currently already co-anchors at 5:00 and 6:00pm with another KRON 4 veteran, Catherine Heenan as well as solo anchoring at 8:00pm.

StormTracker 4 Weather will be delivered by Meteorologist Brittney Shipp and Sports from another KRON 4 veteran and legendary Bay Area sports anchor, Gary Radnich who said this:

“We’ll give you the highlights, the hits, the runs, the errors, and a whole lot more.”

This will be the second time that KRON 4 will deliver a 10:00pm newscast, the first in 24 years. 1992 was the last time they did it as part of an “Early Prime” experiment that failed after just a single TV season and back then, KRON 4 was NBC and owned by the same owners as the San Francisco Chronicle.

So even more news is coming from The Bay Area’s News Station. Let’s see if their second time around doing this is more successful.


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