KRBK has now gone to a full hour at 9:00 p.m. on weeknights.

KRBK 49 / Osage Beach – Springfield, MO (“FOX 5”; cable channel)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: I have been following the development of KRBK’s news department. The first time was the launch, then expanding to a full half-hour, but now has gone to a full hour.

Just recently, KRBK 49 (Cable 5; will use 5 for the rest of this post) has expanded their weeknight (and ONLY) newscast at 9:00pm to a full hour with an extra half-hour program at 9:30pm called FOX 5 News Edge at 9:30. The program sounds traditional with a bit of untraditional segments, but is still considered as part of the newscast, nonetheless.

In terms of competition, KRBK 5 competes against the half-hour 9:00pm nightly newscast on KOZL 27 (MyTV) that is produced by KOLR 10 (CBS) and the nightly 9:00pm newscast (hour-long Sundays-Fridays and half-hour Saturdays) on KYCW-LD 15/KSPR 33.2 (CW) that is produced by KYTV 3 (NBC).

Considering that this is the only newscast right now with a small news team, it’s a start. After all, they didn’t have a newscast 5 years ago and now they’ve started a news department, expanded what was a 10-minute newscast into a full half-hour and now broadcasting an hour-long newscast at 9:00pm.

What good times for KRBK 5. What good times.


3 thoughts on “KRBK has now gone to a full hour at 9:00 p.m. on weeknights.

  1. As a Springfield native, I’m glad to hear about channel 5 going the full 60 with news. Always enjoyed their newscasts, and also that I didn’t have to wait until 10pm to get news, as I tend to turn in around that time.


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