WTXF is going to 11:00 p.m. for the first time ever.

WTXF-TV 29 / Philadelphia (“FOX 29”)

Philly is about to get a new competitor at 11:00pm, at least on weeknights. And before this, KDFW (in the DFW metroplex) was the largest FOX O&O station to broadcast at 11:00pm ET/PT or 10:00pm CT/MT. That’s all about to change starting in August.

Starting Monday August 1st, WTXF 29 will add a half-hour weeknight newscast at 11:00pm, obviously titled FOX 29 News at 11:00. The new half-hour newscast will compete against the BIG Three in the market (KYW 3 – CBS, WPVI 6 – ABC and WCAU 10 – NBC) for local news at that timeslot in the market and at least in that language, since there are three Spanish-language newscasts at 11:00pm in that market (WWSI 62 – TMD, WUVP 65 – UNI and WFMZ 69 – Ind).

The new broadcast will be anchored by Lucy Noland with FOX 29 – The Weather Authority from AMS-CBM and NWA/Sealed Chief Meteorologist Kathy Orr (ex-KYW) and Sports reports and commentary, delivered by Howard Eskin.

WTXF 29 describes this new newscast as a:

“fast-paced newscast, with an emphasis on local, breaking and trending news. No waiting for weather; Kathy Orr’s forecast will be a prime focus of the newscast, with hyper localized weather reports.”

Also featured will be topics that you usually see on traditional newscasts, including trending health and money news, as well as traffic alerts for the following morning by FOX 29 – The Traffic Authority‘s Bob Kelly.

WTXF 29’s Vice President and News Director, Jim Driscoll:

“This is the anti-network, 11 p.m. newscast. It’s a lightning pace, hang-on-to-your-seat rundown of what’s happening each night and need-to-know news of the day.”

I’m not sure if this will have the chance of beating WPVI 6’s 11:00pm news, but give them credit for trying. It’s better to try than to not do something at all.


6 thoughts on “WTXF is going to 11:00 p.m. for the first time ever.

  1. Your title is inaccurate. This is not Fox 29’s first try at an 11pm newscast. Kerri Lee Halckett anchored an 11pm election-themed newscast called “The Last Word” back in 2008. They decided to discontinue it after the election. Also, while KDFW is the largest Fox O&O to currently have a newscast at that time, WFLD had “The Ten” for a while and I believe KCOP’s 11pm newscast moved over to KTTV before being cancelled.


    • You just gave it away… “election-themed.” They didn’t do that in 2012 so basically that didn’t count.

      And no… KCOP’s 11pm news never moved over to KTTV. It only aired on KCOP until the cancellation in 2013.


      • Yes, you’re right about KCOP.

        However, WTXF’s “The Last Word” was a newscast. Not sure if you watched it at all, but I DID. There was weather and other stories. So enough of this “it doesn’t count”. You use that enough for stories you take from other websites (first on the blog except for…).


      • Not gonna argue with you dude. A newscast is a newscast. This is not their first try at 11pm. End of story. Not my fault that you don’t know how to admit that you’re wrong sometimes. Ease up on the cockiness.


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