Some morning changes in the Twin Tiers, involving WETM and WYDC.

WETM 18 / Elmira – Corning, NY (“WETM 18”)
WETM-DT 18.2 / Elmira – Corning, NY (“WETM 2”)
WYDC 48 / Corning – Elmira, NY (“BIG FOX”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: There has been some more changes involving two television stations in the Twin Tiers. Discontinuations and additions in all.

Just recently, WETM 18 has dropped most of its weekday simulcasts of its local newscasts to its second digital subchannel, WETM 2, which is an Independent station. However, they did add two LIVE hours of its weekday morning newscast, WETM 18 News Today and now airs LIVE on WETM 2 from 7:00-9:00am, becoming the ONLY local newscast on at that time in the market.

I said only because WYDC 48 used to carry a two-hour morning newscast of its own, BIG FOX News – The Twin Tiers Morning Update from 6:00-8:00am. That has since been dropped for syndicated programming. The only newscast the station carries now is a 10-minute news update from 10:00-10:10pm under BIG FOX News at 10:00. This newscast competes against the half-hour weeknight 10:00pm newscast WETM 18 airs for WETM 2.

So not much but they are various changes indeed for viewers to know about. There you go.


One thought on “Some morning changes in the Twin Tiers, involving WETM and WYDC.

  1. Why do stations put syndicated programming in place of local news. Isn’t local news cheaper for a station to produce then paying for syndicated programming? Why do TV stations cut short their viewers of local news and replace local news programming with non local programming instead? What is the reasons TV stations cut local newscasts?


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