WITI will replace lifestyle talk with more local news at 4:00 p.m.

WITI 6 / Milwaukee (“FOX 6 Milwaukee”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: Milwaukee only had one home for local news at 4:00pm, even a year ago to this date. And now, it’ll soon have three.

Starting next week, Monday July 11th, WITI 6 will be replacing its lifestyle talk show Studio A with an hour-long local newscast at 4:00pm with FOX 6 News at 4:00. This becomes the third option for local news in the market at 4:00pm after WTMJ 4 (NBC)’s Today’s TMJ 4 News – LIVE at 4:00/4:30 and WDJT 58 (CBS)’s CBS 58 News at 4:00/4:30 which leaves WISN 12 (ABC) to continue to start their local early-evening newscasts at 5:00pm.

I’m not exactly sure as to who will anchor the new hour-long newscast but FOX 6 StormCenter Weather will be delivered by AMS-CBM & NWA plus CMOS/Sealed Meteorologist Rob Haswell. This will give Milwaukee its first-ever two and a half-hour continuous news block from 4:00-6:30pm.

Another addition has come through Milwaukee and its for another option for local news at 4:00pm. It seems like this could be Milwaukee’s best newscast at 4:00pm considering that WTMJ 4 and WDJT 58 are lackluster news operations in this market compared to WITI 6 which has traded #1 and #2 with long-time leader WISN 12 (ABC) for quite some time now.

I wish the best of luck to WITI and I think this will be good for the station overall.


6 thoughts on “WITI will replace lifestyle talk with more local news at 4:00 p.m.

  1. Not really a newscast expansion it might be called a change in format on their 4:00 pm show. Lifestyle Talk was still considered a local program and local programming could be considered local news. Lifestyle Talk may not have been hard news headlines but the program more then likely had local features from people in Milwaukee about lifestyles. There is a debate on rather news is even real news. A lot of news is labelled as infotainment or tabloid junk. I believe your WSVN in your city of Miami locally and FOX News which WITI is a FOX affiliate nationally are the first TV stations and news networks in the Grand United States of America that started the change of newscasts format from real hard news format to infotainment tabloid news. News headlines about sports celebrities, OJ Simpson, Oscar Pistorus which I nick name Pistorus News is talk about the what goes on in their lives not news. Even Political headlines like Trump and Hillary Email may be more about drama and political bloodsport more then real news. But the way newscasts are formatted are a debatable subject in the news business.


  2. Maybe WISN will get in the 4:00pm news band wagon also since KMBC in KC which is owned by the same company as WISN is owned by started a 4:00pm a newsccast and both stations have very similar daytime lineups.


  3. In a WMFL universe WITI would be a WMFL owned TV station. In a WMFL universe WITI call letters would be WMIL-TV: Milwaukee: WMIL ** Channel 6 (Independent; WMIL 6 News)


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