WOFL is going to an hour at 6:00 p.m., but will do so under a “NewsEdge.”

WOFL 35 / Orlando – Daytona Beach – Melbourne (“FOX 35”)

If you missed 6:30pm weeknight news in Orlando, then its coming back and will do so for the first time in 3 years.

Starting next Monday, July 11th, WOFL 35 will expand its current half-hour 6:00pm weeknight newscast to a full hour and will do so under a format change with FOX 35 NewsEdge at 6:00. Yes… NewsEdge is coming back.

The newscast will be anchored by Stephen Hauck, who joined the station in April after an 18-year run at WIAT 42 (CBS) in Birmingham – Tuscaloosa – Anniston. The new hour-long program, according to WOFL 35, will be a “fast-paced newscast informing viewers on the evening’s developing and trending stories, with a discussion of the major stories of the day.”

Current 6:00pm weeknight anchors, Bob Frier and Sonni Abatta, will be taken off the anchor desk to instead give viewers a rundown of the six top stories of the day in a new segment called The BIG Six. Another new segment will be The BIG Screen, which will showcase interviews with notable local newsmakers. Yet another new one will be The Wall, providing a look at trending stories and engaging viewers to share and comment on social media. And according to the station, this jumps WOFL 35’s total to 55.5 hours of local news/week.

FOX 35 – The Weather Authority Chief Meteorologist Glenn Richards will handle the weather on the newscast. And no… the newscast will NOT be simulcast on WOFL 35’s semi-satellite sister station, WOGX 51 in Gainesville – Ocala. They will continue to air TMZ on TV at 6:00pm, right after WOFL 35’s hour-long 5:00pm news simulcast, followed by The Simpsons at 6:30pm.

And this is the first time in 6 years that Central Florida will have weeknight news at 6:30pm as WRDQ 27 (Ind) was the last to do so. Produced by WFTV 9 (ABC), it was aired on WRDQ 27 as a half-hour newscast from September 2010 until cancelled in June 2013 to make way for a 4:00pm weekday newscast on WFTV 9, which has turned out to be super successful.

So a return of sorts for the timeslot in the market and its about time that WOFL 35 will finally jump to an hour at 6:00pm. To be honest… this should’ve been done a long time ago but its better late than never.


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