Let’s add another station to the 4:00 p.m. news list as well… WHNT.

WHNT-TV 19 / Huntsville – Decatur – Florence (“WHNT News 19”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: Northern Alabama is about to have its second 4:00pm newscast and joining others who are already on at 4:00pm in this country.

Starting Monday August 8th, WHNT 19 is adding an hour-long 4:00pm newscast with WHNT News 19 at 4:00. The new newscast will compete in full against WAFF 48 (NBC)’s already-established hour-long 4:00pm newscast called WAFF 48 News NOW at 4:00. This will leave WAAY 31 (ABC) to continue to start their early-evening newscast at 5:00pm (btw, its the ONLY one on their main channel as they also deliver 7:00pm news on their WeatherNation TV subchannel). WZDX 54 (FOX) currently doesn’t produce an early-evening newscast as of yet.

The newscast will be anchored by Greg Screws and Christine Killimayer because, according to what WHNT 19 told me on Facebook, “of their fun personalities and offbeat sense of humor. I think you will find aspects of the newscast entertaining on a daily basis.” I’m not sure what that means, but okay. Weather will be delivered by their AMS-CBM/Sealed Chief Meteorologist Jason Simpson.

Because of this new newscast, Steve Harvey will no longer be on WHNT 19 and will instead have to be found on a different station. WHNT 19 tells me that their programming contract with the show will be ending soon and it looks like it won’t be renewed so replacing it with an hour-long 4:00pm newscast sounds like a perfect fit for the station.

So yet another new local newscast for WHNT 19 and for the market as whole and once again, another 4:00pm newscast in this country is upcoming. Just shows you how important local news really is, even if ratings are falling across the board. At least WHNT 19 is trying so give them credit for this.


6 thoughts on “Let’s add another station to the 4:00 p.m. news list as well… WHNT.

  1. Welcome back 4:00pm newscast on WHNT-TV. WHNT use to have a 4:00pm newscast some years back. I think it was a 30 minute 4:00pm newscast. It was before WAFF got their 4:00pm newscast.


  2. What is the reason there are TV Markets where all the TV stations are UHF stations like the Huntsville TV Market, Fort Wayne, Fresno, Bakersfield and so forth?


  3. There is no way to have a VHF station in Huntsville without causing interference to another VHF station some 100-150 miles away. VHF allocations surrounding Huntsville:

    2 Atlanta, Nashville
    3 Chattanooga
    4 Nashville
    5 Atlanta, Nashville
    6 Birmingham
    7 Mt. Cheaha State Park, AL
    8 Nashville
    9 Chattanooga
    10 Birmingham
    11 Atlanta
    12 Chattanooga
    13 Birmingham


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