Changes in “Northland” TV news involving KBJR and KDLH…

KBJR-TV 6 / Superior, WI – Duluth, MN and KRII 11 / Chisholm, MN (“KBJR 6”)
KBJR-DT 6.2 / Superior, WI – Duluth, MN and KRII-DT 11.2 / Chisholm, MN (“CBS 3 Duluth”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: Changes are coming to television viewers in the Northland (Duluth, MN – Superior, WI), just like how they’re changes coming in South Bend from my previous report.

Starting this upcoming Monday, KDLH 3’s CBS affiliation moves to KBJR 6.2 and The CW goes to KDLH 3.1 leaving KBJR 6 with NBC on 6.1, CBS on 6.2 and MyTV on 6.3 with KBJR 6’s satellite KRII 11 having NBC on 11.1, CBS on 11.2 and MyTV on 11.3 and 11.9. It’s not just that but also local news is changing…

Two weeks ago, KDLH 3 canceled KBJR 6-produced’s weeknight 5:30, 6:30 and 10:00pm newscasts as the station was making a transition. Once CBS lands on KDLH 3.2 starting this upcoming Monday, it will launch a new newscast schedule (under CBS 3 Duluth News) that will start on Wednesday August 3rd with a brand new two-hour weekday morning newscast called CBS 3 Duluth News This Morning and that will air from 5:00-7:00am. The newscast will be anchored by Kristen Vake and Briggs LeSavage with Weather from Meteorologist Colin Oraskovich.

It will also air half-hour evening newscasts in the form of weeknights and Saturdays at 6:00 and 10:00 and Sundays at just 10:00pm. No confirmed details as to the news teams for weeknights and weekends, but the only detail I have right now about is the new sports director, Barrett Anderson. She’ll cover local sports reports on weeknights at 6:00 and 10:00pm as well as be the play-by-play announcer for the University of Minnesota-Duluth (UMD) Bulldogs football home games this fall for its sister station My 9 (KBJR 6.3/KRII 11.3 and 11.9).

The new weekday morning, weeknight and Saturday 6:00 and 10:00 and Sunday 10:00pm newscasts will compete ironically against its own sister station, KBJR 6.1 as well as rival WDIO 10/WIRT 13 (ABC). The weeknight 6:00pm newscast will also allow KBJR 6.2 to compete against KQDS 21 (FOX) which also airs their own half-hour 6:00pm newscast.

The weekday newscasts will debut, as previously mentioned, on Wednesday August 3rd with weekend newscasts to debut that weekend on Saturday August 6th. This is all part of the agreement made back last year when Quincy Media purchased and completed the purchase of KBJR 6 from Granite Broadcasting Corporation.

And NO… None of KBJR 6’s newscasts will be cut. That includes the weeknight half-hour 9:00pm newscast for KDLH 3 once it becomes a CW affiliate starting this Monday. The CW in The Northland will ONLY be seen on KDLH 3 so viewers trying to watch in the Iron Range will miss out.

Other than that, these are the changes that The Northland will now have to deal with, just like what South Bend is dealing with next week. Enjoy folks.


2 thoughts on “Changes in “Northland” TV news involving KBJR and KDLH…

  1. We love watching CBS Sunday Morning but have only sporadically been able to get it since you changed over to KBJR. We have antennae only and were accustomed to getting all of the 3 and 6 channels. We now can rarely get any of the channel 6’s.

    We miss you – can you tell us if your signal will get stronger when you conclude your changes?


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