WPTA cuts WISE’s 4:00pm newscast as WPTA acquires NBC, creating huge changes in Ft. Wayne.

WPTA 21 / Ft. Wayne (“21 Alive”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: One newscast was cut from the Ft. Wayne television market lately as huge changes were made in the market.

Just this morning, WPTA 21 acquired the NBC affiliation from WISE 33 and now airs on WPTA 21.2 under Fort Wayne’s NBC and acquired the MyTV affiliation as well on WPTA 21.3 under MyTV Fort Wayne. WPTA 21 remains as an ABC affiliate while WISE 33 now gets WPTA 21’s CW affiliation under Fort Wayne CW and WPTA 21’s 24-hour weather radar channel, Pinpoint VIPIR HD Channel on WISE 33.2. In terms of local news, here’s that perspective…

All local newscasts on WPTA 21 and WISE 33 (now on WPTA 21.2) were kept with now, the exception of the weekday 4:00pm half-hour newscast that WPTA 21 produced for what was WISE 33. That newscast has been cut and now airs Right This Minute in its place. This now leaves the market with NO local newscast on at 4:00pm in the market. However, the rest of WISE 33’s former newscasts were kept and moved over to WPTA 21.2 and will soon more likely rebrand under Fort Wayne’s NBC News to go with the new branding for the station. The weekday 6:00 and 11:00pm newscasts were kept as well as the simulcast of Fort Wayne’s Morning News from AM 1190 WOWO Radio in Fort Wayne from 6:00-7:00am weekday mornings.

All of WPTA 21’s regular newscasts on both weekdays and weekends were kept as well. We’re hearing word though that WPTA 21 could soon be adding a new weekend morning newscast and as soon as we have more details on that, I will let you know here on the blog.

For now, plenty of changes and unfortunately one newscast had to go. But it was probably for the best in the market.


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