Two years on… the journey continues.

Today is a special day for the blog. Just like last year, a special post comes to order for this year. Who would’ve thought I survived these two years huh? It could’ve been a pass and fad, something that seemed like a failure and something that looked like nobody would take an interest into reading it. So it amazes me that two years later, The Changing Newscasts Blog is still around.

What started out as a simple hobby for me to gain some experience into blogging and writing that could be put into good use for college has turned out into something much bigger than that. A place where I can sometimes share my knowledge about television news, again, has turned out into something much bigger than that. Look where it has turned out now to be. It’s more than just a blog now as this blog now has its own chat room, its own Twitter and Facebook and even its own Wiki. This post introduces The Changing Newscasts Wiki and you can check it out today at

This is a place where I break stories that no one else may can or even deliver. A place where TV news junkies can come and learn on the latest developments involving television newscasts across the country. A place where even just an average fan can just read, catch up and potentially learn something new. And yes, this is a media observer website of a different kind. After all, why do you think I compete against TVSpy, TVNewsCheck and FTVLive in the type of stories that I do? Obviously my kind of stories are different from what you regularly read at other sites, but that’s what makes this site different and unique from the rest and if you want to read something creatively and differently from others, than this is the site to read and a site to discuss.

Over the past two years, my blog’s been noticed by plenty of local TV news stations and news people, whether through Twitter or Facebook. Many great examples include WEHT 25 (ABC)/WTVW 7 (CW) in Evansville, KKTV 11 (CBS) in Colorado Springs, KGBT 4 (CBS) in Brownsville, TX; KPLC 7 (NBC) in Lake Charles, WIAT 42 (CBS)’s Meteorologist Michael Smith, WKBN 27 (CBS)’s News Director Mitch Davis, WPIX 11 (CW) in NYC and news legends Kaity Tong and Brenda Blackmon and more and more and MORE. I can keep listing if I want to but I won’t. In fact, 34 TV news people and 39 TV news stations in total have noticed my blog and my work over the past two years.

My social media presence however is small, but still growing. As of this post, 135 of you follow the blog’s Twitter (@ChangeNewsBlog) and just 55 “Like” the blog’s Facebook page (@ChangingNewscasts) but I am very hopeful and optimistic that more and more people witness the kind of content that I post and report on and realize that what I do here is different and unique than anything else in the local television news industry, which is still big and expanding. That’s why a blog (even though I call it a site at times) like this is necessary. And guess what, TV news junkies read my blog from all over the world. Of course, most of my readership is in the United States of America, but it also comes from other countries: Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Jamaica, the Philippines and more.

I’m still in amazement that I’m still doing this two years later. I thought this would be a few weeks only or maybe just a few months, but it seems that people love checking in on the blog and with all the support I’ve received including the 25 people who subscribe to my blog for FREE email updates, I’m forever grateful. But with the blog so young, its just the beginning because there’s so much more time that I can do with the blog and make it a premier source for The Latest News about Local Newscasts, as if that hasn’t been the case already.

And that’s not just a slogan, it’s a promise to bring you the latest information on what’s happening with local newscasts from around the country, from coast-to-coast, no matter where you are or how you receive my updates. You know how people have a calling for what they want to do in life? This is clearly not the #1 thing, but its one of my Top 2 things that I wanna do in my life, not just become a successful journalist but to also report on The Latest News about Local Newscasts, something that I’ve been proud and honored to deliver for the past two years.

This blog may have started in 2014, but it will last a lifetime, even if I’m gone or go away to do something else. I’m just so grateful to all of you who have read and commented and supported my blog. It really means a lot and I hope that more people can witness my work, what I do and what I love. I thank you all so very much and as the title says, the journey continues…

  • Roly,
    • Founder, Owner and Blogposter of The Changing Newscasts Blog… The Latest News about Local Newscasts.

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