KWGN will soon deliver local news in a rare timeslot for its time zone… 11:00 p.m.

KWGN-TV 2 / Denver (“Colorado’s Own Channel 2”)

KWGN is about to expand yet again to possibly bring back the legacy that was KWGN under an Independent station and will add another newscast to keep up with it, but will do so under a RARE timeslot for its time zone but one that is more common for the Eastern and Pacific time zones.

Starting Monday September 12th, KWGN 2 will add a half-hour 11:00pm weeknight newscast with Channel 2 News at 11:00. It will be the ONLY newscast on at 11:00pm in the state and will be anchored by Mike Barz and Erika Gonzalez with Channel 2 Pinpoint Weather from Meteorologist Matt Makens. According to the station at, Barz will continue to anchor the 10:00pm weeknight newscast over on its sister station KDVR 31 (FOX).

The station has been under an explosion of news lately and it started in 2009 when it moved its 9:00pm newscast to 7:00pm, currently anchored by Mike Landess and Deborah Takahara and weather handled by Makens and then added hour-long 4:00pm news just back in July with the same team.

KWGN 2’s Vice President of News and Digital Content, Holly Gauntt:

“I was raised in Colorado, but I’ve lived on the east and the west coasts. I know people on both are used to getting their news at 11 p.m. With all of the people moving to Colorado, we want to give our viewers news when they’re used to getting it.”

KWGN 2 and KDVR 31’s Vice President and General Manager, Joan Barrett:

“Colorado’s first television station is the place to turn for news about our wonderful state at times that are convenient to you. Our new newscast for late night viewers is a perfect complement to our 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. newscasts.”

The station says that with this new newscast, KWGN 2 and KDVR 31 together will broadcast 77 hours/week, more than any other local news organization in Denver or in the state of Colorado.

So adding local news in a timeslot that Eastern and Pacific viewers are used to. After all, if sister station KTVI 2 (FOX) in St. Louis does it, then might as well have KWGN 2 do it as well. Congrats and good luck!


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