The Ark-La-Tex will soon have two 4:00 p.m. newscasts. KTBS on KPXJ and soon… KSLA too.

KTBS-TV 3 / Shreveport, LA (“KTBS 3”)
KPXJ 21 / Minden – Shreveport, LA (“KPXJ 21”)
KSLA 12 / Shreveport, LA (“KSLA News 12”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: The Ark-La-Tex is getting bigger and local TV news is getting more crowded. And now, it will get a historic first for the market… local news at 4:00pm. But not just one… but two! One is already on the air and the other is coming soon.

Since today, Monday August 22nd, KTBS 3 has started airing a LIVE one-hour 4:00pm weekday newscast for its sister station KPXJ 21. Titled as KTBS 3 News at 4:00 on KPXJ 21, its aired on its CW affiliated station. It became the first station in the market to air a LIVE hour-long weekday 4:00pm newscast. The newscast is anchored by Devon Patton and Alanna Quillen with KTBS Mega 3 Doppler Weather from Chief Meteorologist Joe Haynes. However, it won’t be the ONLY station in the market to do something like this…

Starting Tuesday September 6th, KSLA 12 will also launch its own hour-long weekday 4:00pm newscast. KSLA News 12 at 4:00 will be the second type of its newscast after KTBS 3’s 4:00pm news on KPXJ 21 though it will launch just rwo weeks after KTBS 3 does so. According to Arkansas TV News, the newscast would be anchored by Marie Waxel with KSLA StormTracker 12 Weather from Meteorologist Nicole Madden.

In just one year, the market in terms of early-evening news has gone from just 5:00-5:30 and 6:00-7:00pm to three straight hours of local news with two 4:00pm news on KPXJ 21 and KSLA 12, 5:00pm news of course, 5:30pm news on Texarkana on KSHV 45 (MyTV) and 6:00pm news, whether a half-hour from KTAL 6 (NBC) or hour-long news on KTBS 3 and KSLA 12.

This market is getting bigger in terms of local newscasts and KTBS 3 and KSLA 12 are helping to lead that way. It’s amazing what this market used to be and what it is now.


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