A small minor newscast change… #90

KTUU-TV 2 / Anchorage (“Channel 2”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: A small change to report from Anchorage and its a cut.

Just recently, KTUU 2 has cut a half-hour of its weekday morning newscast, Channel 2 News – The Morning Edition. The program has cut the 5:00am half-hour and now airs on weekdays from 5:30-7:00am, creating a 90-minute broadcast instead. KTUU 2 has since replaced the extra half-hour with a repeat of NBC News – Early Today from the television network at 5:00am right after the original airing at 4:30am.

KTUU 2’s only competition in the morning is its main ‘rival’, KTVA 11 (CBS) which starts airing their weekday morning newscast at 6:00am. This means that KTUU 2 remains the ONLY station to start at 5:30am, despite starting later now rather than earlier.

I do have more stories later today that broke over the weekend, involving a troubling station in New York and a station in Chicago that’s about to go Independent with plans for more news. Stay tuned to the blog throughout the day.


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