WGN will expand its weekend morning newscast once it becomes an Independent.

WGN-TV 9 / Chicago (“WGN”; logo until August 31st, 2016)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: If you haven’t heard by now, WGN is scheduled to become an Independent station starting Thursday September 1st. I’ve predicted that more weekend news would come to WGN because of this and I’m not surprised to learn that WGN will add more news on weekends.

Starting Saturday September 10th, WGN 9 will expand its weekend morning newscast to a full two hours. It will cancel the 6:00am hour, however, it will move to 7:00-9:00am and fully compete against WFLD 32 (FOX)’s weekend morning newscast in those timeslots in the market. On Saturdays, it will compete against WBBM 2 (CBS) and WLS 7 (ABC) at 8:00am. For Sundays, it will compete against WBBM 2 at 7:00am, WMAQ 5 (NBC) and WLS 7 at 8:00am.

The newscast is anchored by Sean Lewis with Chicago Weather Center forecasts from AMS & NWA/Membered Meteorologist Mike Hamernik. They may include a co-anchor for the future with the expanded hours.

This all comes as WGN 9 drops The CW programming in favor of broadcasting its own scheduled programming as an Independent station with more local news, local programming and local sports. This could be the first in plenty of moves for WGN 9 in terms of its broadcast schedule as there could be YET even more local news after this move, but for now, just an expanded weekend morning newscast will do.

So more local news is coming to WGN 9 as it becomes an Independent in just a few days. Not surprising since WGN 9’s morning newscast has become #1 and the station is hopeful that it can capitalize for weekend mornings as well.


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