WHNS is adding weekend morning news for the very first time.

WHNS 21 / Greenville – Spartanburg – Anderson, SC – Asheville, NC (“FOX Carolina”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: Another weekend morning newscast is coming to Western Carolina and this time, it will come from a station that’s relatively small compared to other long-time news operations in the market.

Starting this upcoming weekend, Saturday August 27th, WHNS 21 will debut a two-hour weekend morning newscast from 6:00-8:00am. The Weekend Morning News on FOX Carolina will compete against the other BIG three in local weekend morning news in the same timeslots, WYFF 4 (NBC; which starts at 5:00am), WSPA 7 (CBS) and WLOS 13 (ABC). So still, there’ll be no weekend morning news at 8:00am in the market.

This, I believe, will be WHNS 21’s first-ever attempt at a weekend morning newscast as the station’s news department has only been around since the late 90’s and its most recent expansion was into weekdays at 4:00pm back in 2014. Other than that, WHNS 21 has held steady in local news competition in the market. I don’t know who’ll anchor the news or deliver the weather on the station’s weekend morning newscast.

So yes, WHNS 21 is ready to compete against the BIG three… AGAIN. But it will be weekend morning news, something that WHNS 21 has never ventured into before. This could be good for the station overall.


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