WPIX will soon drop its 6:30 p.m. after just 8 months and one anchor is being dropped as well.

WPIX 11 / New York City (“PIX 11”)

Well, apparently 6:30pm local news in New York City is unwatchable and local TV history has proved it twice in the past six years. Too bad it came from the same station, WPIX.

After Friday September 9th, the station will no longer air a local newscast at 6:30pm. PIX 11 News at 6:30 will be cancelled after that day’s edition and will be replaced on Monday, September 12th with Celebrity Name Game with Craig Ferguson. This will mean that, after just 8 months of debuting the newscast, NYC will be back to NO local weeknight news at 6:30pm again, unless if you have cable and watch either NY1 – New York One, one of the News 12 Networks or FiOS1 Long Island in which it does offer local news at 6:30pm.

The fate of Kaity Tong is unclear but the same can’t be said for Brenda Blackmon, a legendary NYC TV news anchor as I’m being told that WPIX 11 will soon drop her from employment at the station. She was hired last year to join Kaity for what was a new newscast at 6:30pm that was launched in January. Now heading into 8 months later, the newscast will soon go away.

This is the second time that WPIX 11 has dropped its own 6:30pm newscast. It has done so once in 2010 but was cancelled a year later. This second attempt has lasted in even shorter time than that.

A Tribune spokesperson telling TVSpy about this…

“We’re reconfiguring PIX 11’s daytime lineup and making changes to the schedule to create a better flow into our evening newscasts.Celebrity Name Game will move from daytime and return to its original 6:30 p.m. time period where it had great success. These changes will be effective Sept. 12.”

And just like that, WPIX 11’s struggles will continue. Cutting another newscast is a sign that WPIX 11 is continuing to struggle to gain viewership across NYC TV viewers as they continue to watch somebody else for local news. Sucks for WPIX 11, but its what happens when messing up a good product comes back to you.


5 thoughts on “WPIX will soon drop its 6:30 p.m. after just 8 months and one anchor is being dropped as well.

  1. WPIX hasn’t fully recovered from 6 years ago when Tribune booted veteran news director Karen Scott, under former general manager Bill Carey. Biggest mistake made was removing Kaity Tong and Jim Watkins from nightly 10PM newscast, a move that alienated viewers. That’s the same Bill Carey, BTW, that had a hand in the WCBS massacre from 1996, and it took more than a decade for the flagship CBS station to recover.

    NYC market has seen plenty lately. Last year, WABC booted Sarah Wallace, and she later landed at WNBC. WNBC parting ways with Shiba Russell (now in Atlanta) earlier this year, and Sibila Vargas is leaving. Just to name a few.


  2. Kaity is loved by manny. You guys know this. If you really want to screw this up fire her on her on what i think is her 25 th anniversary with you guys. Dhe either should be back to weekends if you dont find a weekday pm spot for her. Or she and i thought this years ago with her personality. Should have her own day time talk show. But if you really want to know whats killing the ratings at your station. Its the constant barage of rapper and beyonce over panderfication stories. As well as the non stop praise of hamilton everynight. You coupled that with your non stop bashing and negative presentations of stories on Trump. With sugar coating the reports on Schrillary. The public os not stupid and sees this. You guys dont seem to realize appealing to what seems to be the all important Rikers Island Thug demographic. Your basically telling your average hard workng been with you forever white demographic to hit the road. As well as your fondness for BLM and constant police bashing stories. So if yo want to loose the rest of what little ratings you have left. Then by all means get rid of the rock at your station . The one and only legendary lovely irreplaceable lady Kaity Tong. Youll be committing ratings suicide !


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