A small minor newscast change… #92

KFDA-TV 10 / Amarillo (“NewsChannel 10”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: A small minor expansion will soon take place in the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandle.

Starting Monday September 5th, KFDA 10 is expected to expand its weekday morning newscast by an additional half-hour to 5:00am. Known as NewsChannel 10 – The Early Show, it will be home to Amarillo’s first and ONLY three-hour local morning newscast since it would be on starting at 5:00am on KFDA 10 and on its second digital subchannel KFDA 10.2, known as NewsChannel 10 Too, starting at 5:30am and will continue to start at that time for the simulcast, unless if TV listings change for that.

The regular broadcast runs until 7:00am in which the broadcast will continue with its third hour on exclusively its second digital subchannel from 7:00-8:00am. Basically, the morning newscast is from 5:00-8:00am.

This extra half-hour will compete against KVII 7 (ABC)’s ABC 7 News Daybreak in that timeslot in the market. They have started at 4:30am for years and in fact, they have been starting their weekday morning news, an hour (4:30-5:30am) before anybody else in the market.

Other than that, there are no other major additions or expansions to report on at this time.


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