WSMH is going to have some “Mornings” now on TV, with help from WEYI.

WSMH 66 / Flint – Saginaw – Bay City (“FOX 66”)
WEYI-TV 25 / Saginaw – Flint – Bay City (“NBC 25”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: There will yet another option for local morning news after 7:00am in Mid-Michigan. What makes this one different from the other option is that this will be a two-hour broadcast, not just one.

Starting Monday August 29th, WSMH 66 will add a two-hour weekday morning newscast called FOX 66 Mornings. The program will air from 7:00-9:00am and will be produced by their sister station, WEYI 25. As I mentioned before, unlike the other option which is WNEM 5 providing an hour-long 7:00am morning newscast on its second digital subchannel 5.2, known as My 5 and home to My Network TV, WSMH 66 will provide two hours and thus be home to Mid-Michigan’s ONLY option for local morning news at 8:00am in the market.

The newscast will be anchored by Mike Woolfolk (for those of you who remember, he helped anchor WACH 57 in Columbia launch its first 10:00pm newscast back in 1996 with help from WIS 10 through an agreement) and Kristen Aguirre. This will be WSMH 66’s first time airing a local morning newscast because they never had one when it was previously under an agreement with WNEM 5, which lasted from 2006 until 2015.

So finally another option that finally gives you local news after 8:00am in Mid-Michigan. Good luck to everybody over at WEYI 25 and WSMH 66. I hope this goes well.


4 thoughts on “WSMH is going to have some “Mornings” now on TV, with help from WEYI.

  1. I have a question: When is NBC 25 going to start their evening news at five? Or even Four? I mean we’re now in 2016, Yet NBC 25 news is still starting at Six? Seriously?


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