A small minor newscast change… #94

KSDK 5 / St. Louis (“NewsChannel 5”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: A small expansion is about to happen in St. Louis and its familiar territory for one station.

Starting Monday September 12th, KSDK 5 will expand its 12:00 Noon newscast once again to a full hour. NewsChannel 5 at Noon will become a full hour from 12:00-1:00pm and will compete fully against KPLR 11 (CW)’s hour-long noon newscast.

This is not the first time KSDK 5 has broadcast an hour-long noon newscast. They’ve done this twice before and twice has cut back to a half-hour to either air something else or a Paid Program. But this time, it will come back to a full hour since it would lead into The T.D. Jakes Show, a brand new syndicated program from TEGNA at 1:00pm in which would then lead into Days of Our Lives which will move to 2:00pm.

That’s all the minor changes we have to report for now. But there is a major addition coming to the Wilmington market and those details will come in my next report so stay tuned to the blog throughout the day.


2 thoughts on “A small minor newscast change… #94

  1. The on again off again game when its comes to KSDK noon newscast since its noon newscast has been an hour long at times and back down to 30 mins and now back to an hour again.


  2. I think an it might have been better if they expanded their 4:00pm newscast t o an hour to compete with KPLR hour long 4pm newscast and invest their resources into an improved 4pm newscast instead of investing into their noon newz and kept its noon news 30 mins instead of expanding their noon news to an hour again where its uncertain if their noon news will stay an hour long. It may very well go back down to 30 mins again since KSDK has in the past been back and forth when it comes to the length of their noon newscast.


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