KYTV is expanding its weekend morning news on its sister station, KYCW.

KYTV 3 / Springfield, MO (“KY3”)
KYCW-LD 15 and KSPR-DT 33.2 / Springfield, MO (“Ozarks CW” / “KCZ”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: An extra hour of weekend morning news is coming to an area known as The Ozarks. It will not be on a main channel, but rather yet, on a sister station.

Starting Saturday September 10th, this upcoming weekend, KYTV 3 will expand its weekend morning newscast to an extra hour from 8:00-9:00am. It will air on its sister station KYCW 15, which is also broadcast on KSPR-DT 33.2 in Springfield and the channel is effectively known as Ozarks CW.

KY3 News – Ozarks Today at 8:00 a.m. on Ozarks CW will be the ONLY local newscast on at that time in the market, considering that it’s the area’s ONLY weekend morning newscast. KYTV 3 already airs a 7:00am hour of the weekend morning newscast that airs on its main channel itself. If you put the two together, it would create a two-hour morning broadcast from 7:00-9:00am.

Because of The CW affiliation, KYCW 15 will split up the network’s E/I programming block, The CW’s One Magnificent Morning, into two. It will air the first hour at 7:00am before the local morning newscast at 8:00am and will return to the block at 9:00am and air the remaining four hours by then.

So if your not awake by 7:00am or just happen to miss that hour, The Ozarks can now have another chance of getting the latest news and weather at 8:00am before they can kick off their weekend right. And KYTV 3 and KYCW 15 are here to help. Thanks and good luck on the expansion. I know, IMO, it will do very well.


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