A couple of discontinuations to report before next week’s arrival of more local newscasts.

WDBJ 7 / Roanoke - Lynchburg (
WDBJ 7 / Roanoke – Lynchburg (“WDBJ 7”)
WDBJ-DT 7.2 / Roanoke - Lynchburg (
WDBJ-DT 7.2 / Roanoke – Lynchburg (“My 19”)
KWTX-TV 10 / Waco - Temple - Killeen (
KWTX-TV 10 / Waco – Temple – Killeen (“News 10”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: There are a couple of discontinuations to report. One has already taken place while the other will do so at the end of this week.

Just recently, WDBJ 7 has discontinued its half-hour 10:00pm newscast on its second digital subchannel WDBJ 7.2, also known as My 19 (cable channel slot). WDBJ 7 News at 10:00 on My 19 was a weeknight-ONLY newscast and competed against WFXR 27 (FOX)’s hour-long 10:00pm newscast, but with WDBJ 7 now bowing out of this timeslot, this leaves WFXR 27 as home to the ONLY 10:00pm newscast in the market. According to what I read on WDBJ 7’s Facebook page, the newscast was discontinued because they wanted to allocate better resources on the main signal’s newscasts, especially the 11:00pm.

So while that has already been discontinued, another one will soon be discontinued as well. KWTX 10 (CBS) will discontinue its half-hour weekday 3:00pm newscast after this Friday’s edition, Friday being September 9th. KWTX News 10 at 3:00 will instead be replaced by the new hour-long syndicated show Harry, which premieres on Monday September 12th and it stars Harry Connick, Jr. It was the only newscast on at that timeslot in the market (Central Texas and Brazos Valley). But with this discontinuation, the market will have its first newscast of the afternoon/evening at 4:00pm instead at 3:00pm and that 4:00pm newscast comes from KBTX 3 (CBS) serving the Brazos Valley and is effectively KWTX 10’s sister station as both are owned by Gray Television.

So much for discontinuations but sometimes that is what’s needed to keep the local TV industry as healthy as possible.


3 thoughts on “A couple of discontinuations to report before next week’s arrival of more local newscasts.

  1. WDBJ-TV should have added a 4:30am morning newscast or a 5:30pm newscast instead. Another newscast expansion at an unnecessary time. The more crucial time slots WDBJ could have expanded a newscast is at 4:30am since none of the TV stations the Roanoke TV Market have 4:30m news or 5:30pm newscast. Maybe even a 4:00pm newscast may not have been a bad time slot for WDBJto add a newscast since the ROANOKE market does not have 4:00pm news.


  2. Kind of strange though that KWTX had a 3:00pm newscast no wonder they canned it not even the large TV Markets in Texas DFW, or Houston had local news at 3:00pm. A 3:00pm newscast might work in LA, KTLA, KABC but maybe not so much for a small market like Waco. Strange thought the Begas TV Market has 2 stations with 3:00pm news KSNV, KTNV I guess the 3pm newscasts are working in Begas if both stations still have them on at that time if not either KSNV or KTNV would move the 3:00pm newscast to 4:00pm a more normal time for afternoon news. The Portland, OR TV market is adding a 3:00pm newscast on KATU called Afternoon I believe starting next week. Saw it listed on Zap2It and Titan TV Listings.


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