WPHL’s very own-produced morning newscast expands to 5:00am.

WPHL-TV 17 / Philadelphia (
WPHL-TV 17 / Philadelphia (“PHL 17”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: WPHL has its own morning newscast. Its working very well that the broadcast has since been expanded.

Since this past Monday September 5th, which was Labor Day, WPHL 17 has expanded its half-hour morning newscast to a full hour starting at 5:00am. PHL 17 Morning News at 5:00am competes against the other local news broadcasts at that time on the other five stations: KYW 3 (CBS), WPVI 6 (ABC), WCAU 10 (NBC), WTXF 29 (FOX) and Allentown-based WFMZ 69 (Ind.)

The morning newscast is the ONLY newscast that WPHL 17 produces since it airs a WPVI 6-produced hour-long program, every single night at 10:00pm with Channel 6 Action News at 10:00 on PHL 17. Plus, it also airs the Tribune-syndicated program Eye Opener on weekday mornings from 6:00-8:00am which includes inserts from WPHL 17.

So for a station that’s doing an in-house news department once again, this is good for them. Hope it goes well with the 5:00am viewers in The Delaware Valley.


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