KTVA will soon expand its “Daybreak” to 9:00 a.m., a first for Alaska TV News.

KTVA 11 / Anchorage (
KTVA 11 / Anchorage (“KTVA 11”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: KTVA is about to do something that I think has never ever been done before in Alaska Television News… offer a local mid-morning newscast at 9:00am.

Yes, you heard it right. Starting Monday, this upcoming Monday September 12th, KTVA 11 will add an extra hour of KTVA 11 News Daybreak, but at 9:00am right after CBS This Morning. It will be a historic first because it will more likely be the first time that a station in Anchorage or in any Alaska station that has ever tried a mid-morning newscast at 9:00am. Its also why it will be the ONLY local morning newscast on at that time in the market and possibly the closest that any station will get to a midday newscast because just like Hawaii, Alaska still doesn’t have a station that does that.

The newscast will be anchored by the same exact team who already handle the 6:00am hour of Daybreak, James Gaddis, Megan Mazurek, Weather with Meteorologist Rachael Penton and Daybreak reporter Sierra Starks. So starting Monday, it will be KTVA 11 News Daybreak at 6:00am, followed by CBS This Morning from 7:00-9:00am and then an extra hour of KTVA 11 News Daybreak at 9:00am, Alaska’s first and ONLY local morning newscast on at that time.

So yes, history is being made in Alaska Television News on Monday and KTVA 11 will be at the forefront of it all.


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