More local newscast news and this time… KQDS, KSCW, KPTV and KSWB.

KQDS-TV 21 / Duluth, MN - Superior, WI (
KQDS-TV 21 / Duluth, MN – Superior, WI (“FOX 21”)
KWCH-DT 12 / Hutchinson - Wichita (
KWCH-DT 12 / Hutchinson – Wichita (“KWCH 12”)
KSCW-DT 33 / Wichita - Hutchinson (
KSCW-DT 33 / Wichita – Hutchinson (“KSCW”)
KPTV 12 / Portland, OR - Vancouver, WA - Salem, OR (
KPTV 12 / Portland, OR – Vancouver, WA – Salem, OR (“FOX 12 Oregon”)
KSWB-TV 69 (Cable 5) / San Diego (
KSWB-TV 69 (Cable 5) / San Diego (“FOX 5”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: Yes… there are even more newscast news to tell you about tonight! Instead, these are moves that will all take place next Monday September 19th, instead of just now. Here’s another rundown list of what you need to know…

  • KQDS 21 is shifting its weeknight half-hour 6:00 newscast over to 5:30pm. FOX 21 Local News at 5:30 will now be home to the ONLY local newscast on at that timeslot in the Northland since the former intellectual unit of KDLH 3, which is now on KBJR 6.2, no longer airs a 5:30pm newscast and is instead on at 6:00pm.
  • KWCH 12 produces a half-hour weekday 4:00pm newscast for its sister station, KSCW 33. But starting on that particular day, KWCH 12 Eyewitness News at 4:00 on KSCW will expand from just a half-hour to an hour-long. It competes with KAKE 10 (ABC) during the 4:00pm half-hour, but it will be the ONLY local newscast on at 4:30pm in the market.
  • KPTV 12 will soon add an hour-long midday newscast at 12:00 Noon for the first time in its history. Titled The 12:00 O’Clock News on FOX 12 Oregon (appropriately titled with its other newscasts in the evening), it will compete against KOIN 6 (CBS) and KGW 8 (NBC) for local news at 12:00 Noon but it will be the ONLY ones on in the market at 12:30pm. For decades, KPTV 12 never aired a midday newscast because it was the home of a long-time Portland tradition… having syndicated reruns of Perry Mason on in the 12:00 Noon timeslot from 1970-2012.
  • KSWB 69 (Cable 5; will use that for story purposes) will soon add a half-hour 11:00pm weeknight newscast right after the 10:00pm news and the 15-minute FOX 5 Sports Final at 10:45pm. This will compete against the other 11:00pm newscasts in town including KFMB 8 (CBS), KGTV 10 (ABC), KNSD 39 (NBC; Cable 7) and KUSI 51 (Ind.; Cable 9). It will not be aired on weekends, though.

So there you go… more local news are being added or expanded or even moving across the country and all of it begins next Monday September 19th. Please taken note if you live in any of these areas! You’re gonna need it if you watch any of them.


5 thoughts on “More local newscast news and this time… KQDS, KSCW, KPTV and KSWB.

    • I know but at the same time, I didn’t want to make one post at a time knowing that I was reporting on so many other stations as well. I’ma let this one slide for now and yes, I knew it was Northpine who reported it first but I barely had time when I posted them and that’s why.


  1. Do you see KSWB-TV 5/69 in one of my favorite cities of San Diego adding weekend morning news in the future since KSWB has been dramatically expanding news in the past few years? Isn’t KSWB owned by Tribune and most Tribune stations have expanded news and have weekend morning newscasts. The only Tribune TV station that I know of that does not have weekend morning news is WPIX-TV the Pix.


    • Yeah, I do see it. Tribune doesn’t have weekend morning news on these news-producing stations: WPIX, WGNO, KTXL, KDVR/KWGN, WQAD, WTTV, KPLR, WGHP, WPMT and WTKR.

      There’s a whole lot more stations without them from Tribune than you might have thought.


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