RUMORS ONLY: Could KLAS drop its 4:00 p.m. newscast in favor of a lifestyle/talk show?

KLAS-TV 8 / Las Vegas (
KLAS-TV 8 / Las Vegas (“Channel 8”)

RUMORS ONLY: It seems like KLAS may be dropping a newscast in favor of a lifestyle talk show. It’s just rumors only but let me explain. FTVLive first noticed it and I’ll give them credit for that.

A recent job posting from Nexstar Broadcasting Group shows that it could be introducing a new lifestyle show at 4:00pm to replace 8 News NOW at 4:00 and it would be called Las Vegas NOW. It would seem that it would combine paid segments along with stories with strong community interest, news and weather segments. It would conduct live or taped interviews, participate in product demonstrations and produce segments in the field. Plus, the host would recruit, book and pre-interview guests.

If this becomes all true, there would only be just one newscast left on at 4:00pm in the market and that would be KVVU 5 (FOX)’s hour-long 4:00pm newscast. But again, nothing is confirmed and these are just rumors only. If it becomes confirmed, we’ll let you know on the blog.

Oh and btw, current 4:00pm anchors Christianne Klein and Paul Joncich would lose anchor responsibilities for the long-running newscast if the lifestyle/pay-to-play show decides to come up on the air but they could be sticking around to do other stuff for the station and possibly get involved into the news/weather segments for the new lifestyle show, if it comes to air.

So watch out, but again, just rumors only. If this gets confirmed, the blog will let you know so stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “RUMORS ONLY: Could KLAS drop its 4:00 p.m. newscast in favor of a lifestyle/talk show?

  1. In a WMFL universe KLAS-TV would be a WMFL owned TV station. In a WMFL universe KLAS call letters would be KLVN ” Las Vegas: KLVN ** Channel 8 (Independent; 8 News NOW)”


  2. Its weird the the Las Vegas TV Market where 2 TV stations late afternoon newscasts are at 3:00p. KSNV-TV NBC 3 has their late afternoon newscast equivalent to a 4:00pm newscast and use to be on at 4:00pm on at 3 and KTNV late afternoon newscast at 3. I wonder why the Begas TV market has 2 stations with 3:00pm news. I wonder if there are a lot of people who live in Begas watch news at 3:00pm. I could see one station with 3:00pm news but two for the size of the Begas TV Market. In LA 2 stations with 3:00pm news KTLA, KABC, 3:00pm news may work with it being the 2nd largest TV Market but I don’t know if the Vegas TV market could.


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