A lot of changes within the Phoenix TV market. Here’s that list…

KTVK 3 / Phoenix (
KTVK 3 / Phoenix (“3TV”)
KPHO-TV 5 / Phoenix (
KPHO-TV 5 / Phoenix (“CBS 5”)
KPNX-TV 12 / Mesa - Phoenix (
KPNX-TV 12 / Mesa – Phoenix (“Channel 12”)
KNXV-TV 15 / Phoenix (
KNXV-TV 15 / Phoenix (“ABC 15”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: A hot market right now is Phoenix, even though it has slipped to #12 in the latest DMA market rankings by Nielsen. However, there has been some few changes to notice that have taken place at all but one local news station within the market. Here’s that list and I’ll list it by channel order…

  • KTVK 3 has added 120-minutes of local news on weekends:
    • First off, it has added a Saturday half-hour newscast at 5:30pm, 3TV News – Good Evening Arizona at 5:30, now competing against KSAZ 10 (FOX) in that timeslot in the market.
    • Next, it has added a Sunday half-hour newscast at 6:00pm, 3TV News – Good Evening Arizona at 6:00, the ONLY one on at that timeslot in the market, since all others are airing primetime programming starting at 6:00pm.
    • Finally, the station has expanded its weekend half-hour 10:00pm newscast, 3TV News at 10:00, to a full hour. This allows KTVK 3 to fully compete against KNXV 15 (ABC)’s hour-long 10:00pm weekend newscast on Sundays and now on Saturdays (I’ll mention that below).
  • KPHO 5 has shifted its Saturday 5:30pm half-hour newscast over to 6:00pm, competing against KPNX 12 (NBC) and the first half-hour of KNXV 15’s hour-long 6:00pm newscast for local news at that timeslot. The Saturday edition of the CBS Weekend News bumps up from 6:00 to 5:30pm. The changes on KTVK 3 and KPHO 5 were due to both stations now being owned and operated by Meredith Corporation.
  • KPNX 12 has discontinued its half-hour midday newscast at 12:00 Noon in favor of syndicated program T.D. Jakes. This has also cut a half-hour of KPNX 12’s lifestyle/talk show Arizona Midday to just a full hour at 1:00pm. With the discontinuation, it now leaves KPHO 5 and KSAZ 10 (FOX) as the ONLY stations left to offer a half-hour local newscast at 12:00 Noon. KNXV 15 airs their midday newscast for an hour at 11:00am.
  • Speaking of KNXV 15… the station has expanded its Saturday half-hour 10:00pm newscast over to a full hour. The weekend edition of ABC 15 News at 10:00 now airs for a full hour on both Saturdays and Sundays, which now fully competes against KTVK 3’s hour-long 10:00pm newscast, which, as I just mentioned, has just been expanded to a full hour as well.

This leaves KSAZ 10 as the ONLY station in the market to not make any changes to its local newscast schedule. Their entire newscast schedule remains as it.

So there you go… changes within the Phoenix TV market that I have no idea took place. But now its good to know and its good to take note for those who live in the area because for sure, times are changing and are changing, indeed.

5 thoughts on “A lot of changes within the Phoenix TV market. Here’s that list…

  1. In a WMFL universe KPNX-TV 12 would be a WMFL owned TV station. In a WMFL universe KPNX call letters would be KPHA-TV (Phoenix: KPHA ** Channel 12 (Independent; 12 News)


  2. I wonder if KPNX noon news was a low rated newscast if they canned it in favor of syndicated talk? I thought KPNX was a strong news station in Phoenix. What news station is the most watched in Phoenix? I hear its a race between KTVK and KPNX. I think a few years back KPNX had the topped rated 10:00pm news in the Phoenix market.


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