KPHO is now on weekend mornings and expands on weekends at 10:00 p.m.

KPHO-TV 5 / Phoenix (
KPHO-TV 5 / Phoenix (“CBS 5”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: Not just that KPHO also made a change to Saturday night news, but also a change across some weekend dayparts. Let me explain further…

Just recently, KPHO 5 has added an hour-long simulcast of sister station KTVK 3’s morning newscast on weekends. 3TV News – Good Morning Arizona on CBS 5 now airs for an hour on Saturdays from 7:00-8:00am and on Sundays from 6:00-7:00am. For Saturdays, it competes against KSAZ 10 (FOX) and KPNX 12 (NBC) while on Sundays, it competes against KSAZ 10 and KNXV 15 (ABC). This comes after the consolidation of weekend newscasts on both KTVK 3 and KPHO 5. Both now simulcast an hour on weekends from KTVK 3 in the morning, at 5:00pm from I believe KTVK 3 and one more…

KPHO 5 now carries an hour-long 10:00pm newscast on weekends. It has been expanded to a full hour and its also simulcast on KTVK 3 but under KPHO 5’s branding. It fully competes against KNXV 15’s weekend 10:00pm newscast which has recently expanded to a full hour on Saturdays. Again, this is because of the consolidation of KTVK 3 and KPHO 5 since they’re now owned by one company… Meredith Corporation, which has long been owned by KPHO 5 and recently acquired KTVK 3 in 2014 and now the effects have taken place.

So the merging is taking shape and creating simulcasts among one other with weekends for now. Mornings come from KTVK 3, 5:00pm probably from KTVK 3 and 10:00pm from KPHO 5. My oh my, let this mess continue but hopefully not last for long.


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