WJBF shortens at midday but adds at late night on a subchannel.

WJBF 6 / Augusta, GA - Aiken, SC (
WJBF 6 / Augusta, GA – Aiken, SC (“ABC 6”)
WJBF 6.2 / Augusta, GA - Aiken, SC (
WJBF 6.2 / Augusta, GA – Aiken, SC (“Me-TV on WJBF 6.2”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: There has been some moves recently with WJBF and it involves two timeslots.

Just recently, WJBF 6 has shortened its hour-long noon newscast to a half-hour. This is to make way for new half-hour programs in the 12:30pm midday timeslot in which, according to TV listings, has different programs for each day of the week and the following list all follow the now half-hour midday newscast…

  • Mondays: The Means Report, anchored by Brad Means, which is like a news/talk week-in-review show.
  • Tuesdays: Jennie with Jennie Montgomery. This would focus on issues affecting moms and moms-to-be, sorta like Gray’s produced show MomsEveryday.
  • Wednesdays: Here’s Your Chance, a weekly game show hosted by Jared Stepp where local residents have a chance to win cash and prizes.
  • Thursdays: The Very Vera Show. Hosted by Augusta resident Vera Stewart, this show focuses on teaching how to cook certain recipes. More like a southern cooking show.
  • Fridays: The Dish. This has actually been around for a while on the Friday lineups of WJBF 6. This show is all about the latest happenings and events in the area.

The shortened midday newscast now has WJBF 6 competing fully against WRDW 12 (CBS/MyTV)’s half-hour noon newscast for local news at that timeslot in that market. However, it seems like they took that 12:30pm timeslot for news and has shifted it elsewhere…

Also just recently, WJBF 6 has reintroduced its 10:00pm half-hour newscast. The newscast, now weeknights-ONLY, is seen on the station’s digital subchannel WJBF 6.2, home to Me-TV and known as Me-TV on WJBF 6.2WJBF NewsChannel 6 at 10:00 on Me-TV competes against WFXG 54 (FOX)’s hour-long newscast at 10:00pm, in which that newscast is partly produced by WTOC 11 (CBS) in Savannah. Again, this is a reintroduction since WJBF 6 used to produce a 10:00pm newscast for WAGT 26.2 under The CW Augusta until control of WAGT 26 (NBC/CW) was given over to WRDW 12 and Gray Television earlier this year.

So yes, there has been some changes but its good to know what they are so you can stay ahead. If you live in this area, check it out. That’s all I got for this post.


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