WHBQ is going to 6:00 p.m. for the first time since 1995, 21 years to be exact.

WHBQ-TV 13 / Memphis (
WHBQ-TV 13 / Memphis (“FOX 13”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: If you’re looking for a new newscast from WHBQ, you’re in luck. And this one will be nice to see it reunite again because for the first time in 21 years, an old newscast is coming back.

Starting next Monday October 24th, WHBQ 13 is adding a half-hour weeknight local newscast at 6:00pm. FOX 13 News at 6:00 will make WHBQ 13 the last station to air local newscast at that timeslot in the market and joins the big three in airing local news at that time in the market… WREG 3 (CBS), WMC 5 (NBC) and WATN 24 (ABC).

However, this will be the first time since the affiliation switch in 1995 that WHBQ 13 will air local news at 6:00pm. They did so for many years as an ABC affiliate until it acquired FOX at which point, it dropped the 6:00pm but moved it to 5:30pm and made the 5:00pm, a full hour-long broadcast, one that still remains to this day.

Expect Mearl Purvis and Darrell Greene to anchor the new half-hour newscast at 6:00pm which will give WHBQ 13, its first 90-minute continuous news block from 5:00-6:30pm.

So yes, an old familiar newscast for a long time station is coming back to its roots. Its nice to see old friends again and for the station, I’d bet this would be a good one indeed.


2 thoughts on “WHBQ is going to 6:00 p.m. for the first time since 1995, 21 years to be exact.

  1. Is this the first time that you have forgotten a “Newscast debuting this week” because you forgot to do one about this 6:00 news broadcast from WHBQ-TV.


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