WCVB is “movin’ on up” its 4:30 p.m. news to a half-hour earlier.

WCVB-TV 5 / Boston (
WCVB-TV 5 / Boston (“WCVB Channel 5”)

It was just this year when WCVB launched a 4:30pm half-hour newscast. 10 months later, its switching timeslots with Inside Edition.

Starting next week on Wednesday November 9th, WCVB 5 will be moving its 4:30pm newscast to a half-hour earlier to 4:00pm. NewsCenter 5 at 4:00 will be a half-hour newscast, just like the 4:30pm and it will compete against WHDH 7 (NBC)’s half-hour 4:00pm newscast and the first half-hour of WFXT 25 (FOX)’s hour-long 4:00pm newscast.

This will be considered as a swap of sorts as the newscast moves to 4:00pm and Inside Edition will now take the 4:30pm timeslot, replacing the current 4:30pm newscast. After the syndicated news magazine will be WCVB 5’s standard 90-minute news block from 5:00-6:30pm. Their weeknight 7:00pm news won’t go away and neither will Chronicle, WCVB’s flagship news magazine program that they’ve been airing for almost 35 years (since 1982; 35 years is coming up in the new year).

Next Monday and Tuesday, Nov. 7th and 8th, WCVB 5 will offer a special hour-long newscast at 4:00pm for election coverage but will return to normal on Wednesday Nov. 9th with the news at 4:00 followed by Inside Edition at 4:30pm. The 4:00pm newscast will immediately follow Ellen which airs at 3:00pm.

NewsCenter 5 at 4:00 will be anchored by Ed Harding and J.C. Monahan with StormTeam 5 Weather from Chief Meteorologist Harvey Leonard.

So a switcharoo but other than that, it will be all good from here on out as WCVB 5 will now starting at the top of the hour, instead of the bottom. Pretty good for them, in my opinion.


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