WMGT has brought back two local weeknight newscasts.

WMGT-TV 41 / Macon (
WMGT-TV 41 / Macon (“41 NBC”)
WMGT-DT 41.2 / Macon (
WMGT-DT 41.2 / Macon (“My 41.2”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: When newscasts disappear, sometimes its for good while others do return after years of not doing so. In WMGT’s case, its the latter.

Just recently, WMGT 41 has brought back a weeknight half-hour newscast at 5:30 with 41 NBC News at 5:30. This allows WMGT 41 to compete against WGXA 24 (FOX/ABC)’s second half-hour of its 5:00pm news for local news at that timeslot in the market. WMAZ 13 (CBS/CW) opts to continue to air Andy Griffith at that timeslot instead. The station does continue to air its half-hour weeknight news at 6:00pm, creating for the first time ever in the station’s history, an hour-long weeknight evening news block from 5:30-6:30pm. The station is also still airing the market’s ONLY half-hour 7:00pm newscast for its sister subchannel Bounce Macon on WMGT 41.3.

This is the first time since around the late 2000s/early 2010s, I believe, that WMGT 41 has aired a weeknight 5:30pm newscast. But this is not the only newscast that has come back…

The station has also brought back its half-hour weeknight 10:00pm newscast for its second digital subchannel, known as My 41.2 on WMGT 41.2. 41 NBC News at 10:00 on My 41.2 has returned and competes against WMAZ 13’s half-hour 10:00pm newscast for its second digital subchannel, The CW Central Georgia on WMAZ 13.2 and it also competes against the first half-hour of WGXA 24’s hour-long 10:00pm newscast.

The newscast was originally on-air starting in July of 2009, later taken down earlier this year. But it seems like that just recently, it has since picked back up and is on-the-air once again.

All of this sounds good for a news operation that’s only been around since 2004. Pretty good indeed.


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