WWL is about to make a huge change in the morning and WUPL is involved.

WWL-TV 4 / New Orleans (
WWL-TV 4 / New Orleans (“WWL-TV Channel 4”)
WUPL 54 / Slidell - New Orleans (
WUPL 54 / Slidell – New Orleans (“My 54”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: A huge shakeup is about to happen in New Orleans morning news. After 30 years of being on air from 7:00-9:00am on the same dial, its moving to another TV home in the area, bringing an end to a long-time tradition in New Orleans’ morning TV. But don’t worry, it’ll still be on, just not on the same channel.

Starting Monday December 5th, WWL 4 will make a drastic change in its weekday morning newscast by moving the 7:00-9:00am block of the Eyewitness Morning News over to its sister station, WUPL 54 (MyTV). The 4:30-7:00am block will remain on WWL 4 and more likely remain on WUPL 54 as well so for those who wish to see the entire block from 4:30-9:00am, then WUPL 54 is probably the good choice for that. The weekday CBS This Morning, which has been on air on WUPL 54 since 2012 and previously The Early Show on WUPL 54 from 2005-2011, will move into WWL 4’s morning timeslot from 7:00-9:00am.

The Early Edition of the block, which is from 4:30-6:00am, is anchored by Mike Hoss and Sheba Turk and the main edition of the Eyewitness Morning News from 6:00-9:00am, is anchored by Eric Paulsen and Sally-Ann Roberts (sister to ABC’s Good Morning America‘s main host, Robin Roberts). Traffic is held by Tamica Lee while Pinpoint Weather is currently held by rotating meteorologists ever since Laura Buchtel left the station earlier this year.

WWL 4 and WUPL 54’s President and General Manager, Tod Smith:

“This gives us the opportunity to provide the best local coverage and expanded national coverage to our viewers. New Orleans area viewers will now have a choice between their long-time favorite local newscast and what is regarded as the best and hardest hitting national morning news program.”

So the newscast is not getting cut in length, but is splitting up into two parts if you look at it from WWL 4’s point of view: 4:30-7:00am on Channel 4 and 7:00-9:00am on Channel 54 or, if the 4:30-7:00am block remains on WUPL 54, then 4:30-9:00am on there.

So a split is happening, but its probably nothing bad to be worried out. I’d bet viewers will tune in anyways, no matter what channel it will be on.


One thought on “WWL is about to make a huge change in the morning and WUPL is involved.

  1. Here would be a what if scenario. Back when legacy ABC-CBS-NBC stations switched to Fox in the mid 90s. What if WWL had hitched up with Fox, WVUE went CBS, and either WNOL (former Fox station) or WGNO going ABC… WDSU remain NBC. WWL, like former CBS affiliates in Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Detroit, Cleveland, and Milwaukee, among other markets, preempted previous incarnation of CBS This Morning for expanded local morning news… before the big Fox switch. The differences in that WWL was never a New World or Citicasters station that would go on to be a Fox O&O, and WWL kept CBS, while WVUE went Fox. We don’t know what that scenario would’ve looked like.


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