WMTV will soon introduce a local newscast for its second digital subchannel.

WMTV 15 / Madison (
WMTV 15 / Madison (“NBC 15”)
WMTV 15.2 / Madison (
WMTV 15.2 / Madison (“Madison CW”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: Earlier this year in September, WMTV gained The CW affiliation for Madison. And now, 4 months later, WMTV will introduce a local newscast for that subchannel.

Starting next week on Monday December 5th, WMTV 15 will introduce a half-hour nightly local newscast at 9:00pm called Madison CW News at 9:00. It will be broadcast on WMTV 15’s second digital subchannel on WMTV 15.2 and will be the first local newscast for the new CW subchannel which was launched 4 months ago and replaced NBC 15: The Weather Station, which carries WeatherNation TV and is now on WMTV 15.4. In terms of competition, this will be the first competition to WMSN 47 (FOX)’s hour-long nightly 9:00pm newscast since that newscast first launched in 1999. That newscast is produced by WISC 3 (CBS/MyTV) through an agreement.

Other than this, the only other newscast that the subchannel carries is a rebroadcast of the 5:00-7:00am portion of WMTV 15’s weekday morning newscast, NBC 15 News – The Morning Show, from 7:00-9:00am.

So yes, another option for local primetime news is coming to Southern Wisconsin, in form of a half-hour nightly newscast at 9:00pm. Its an alternative but we’ll see if its one that viewers will tune in to.


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