WSAW now airs a 4:00 p.m. newscast for its sister station, WZAW.

WSAW-TV 7 / Wausau - Rhinelander (
WSAW-TV 7 / Wausau – Rhinelander (“NewsChannel 7”)
WZAW-LD 33 / Wausau - Rhinelander (
WZAW-LD 33 / Wausau – Rhinelander (“WZAW FOX”)

You know what’s a good story? WZAW-LD now moves to Channel 33 from Channel 55. But enough about that. A real good story is that the market now has another 4:00pm newscast.

Since yesterday, Monday December 5th, 2016, WSAW 7 has now added a half-hour weekday 4:00pm newscast. Titled WZAW News at 4:00, it becomes the second newscast on in the market at that timeslot after WJFW 12 (NBC) debuted their own a year ago called NewsWatch 12 – Up North at 4:00. WAOW 9 (ABC/CW) becomes the last station left to start at 5:00pm.

WZAW 33's brand new 4:00pm newscast which started yesterday, anchored by Matthew Simon and Kassandra Sepeda.
WZAW 33’s brand new 4:00pm newscast which started yesterday, anchored by Matthew Simon and Kassandra Sepeda.

The new newscast will be anchored by WSAW 7’s investigative reporter Matthew Simon and Kassandra Sepeda with longtime WSAW 7 veteran and AMS/Sealed Meteorologist Chad Franzen.

Jessica Laszewski, WSAW 7 and WZAW 33’s News Director:

“Our goal is for this newscast to be the first one viewers turn to in the afternoon. We’re excited to bring something different to this time period and to build on our promise to share more local stories and programming. The added newscast is a great complement to WZAW News at 9 (half-hour weeknights), which launched in Oct. 2015. The 4 p.m. premiere means WSAW/WZAW-TV will produce a combined 30.5 hours of local news each week—more than any other station in the market.”

Al Lancaster, WSAW 7 and WZAW 33’s Vice President and General Manager:

“WZAW’s goal is to provide the best in local news coverage. We are pleased to bring another half-hour of local news to the viewers of north central Wisconsin.”

WZAW News at 4:00‘s co-anchor, Matthew Simon, who’s been at the station 20 years:

“I’m most excited about how we’re going to be able to use the latest technology to change the way north central Wisconsin viewers watch the news. This means we’re not limited by location to go every day to a ‘deep bench’ of experts from across the world to help us all understand what the news means for each of our lives.”

The newscast’s other co-anchor, Kassandra Sepeda, who just joined the station in September of 2016 from KEYC 12 (CBS/FOX) in Mankato, MN:

“I think it’s easy to get caught up in the bad that captures the headlines. It’s exciting for me to be a part of a new show that has a commitment to not only report the difficult news, but talk about all the good our home has to offer.”

Because of this new newscast, Access Hollywood will now be seen weekday mornings at 8:00am on its second digital subchannel, MyTV Wausau, home to MyNetworkTV.

So yes, another new local newscast is here in North Central Wisconsin. We’ll see what viewers choose at the end of the day.


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