WWAY will soon add two new local newscasts for its CBS subchannel.

WWAY 3 / Wilmington, NC (
WWAY 3 / Wilmington, NC (“WWAY NewsChannel 3”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: If you’ve been living under a hard rock lately, WWAY will soon acquire the CBS affiliation for the Wilmington. But that’s not just the ONLY new thing its coming…

WWAY 3 will air CBS programming on 3.2 starting Sunday January 1st, 2017, bumping The CW to 3.3 and starting the next day, Monday January 2nd 2017, WWAY CBS (as it will be called) will air two LIVE new newscasts that will be produced by the main channel station, WWAY 3.1. WWAY NewsChannel 3 at Noon and WWAY NewsChannel 3 at 7:00 will become two exclusive newscasts for the new subchannel and will both be half-hour weekday newscasts.

The teams that will make up WWAY 3.2's new newscasts on weekdays at noon and 7:00pm.
The teams that will make up WWAY 3.2’s new newscasts on weekdays at noon and 7:00pm when it begins on Monday January 2nd 2017.

WWAY NewsChannel 3 at Noon on WWAY CBS will compete against WECT 6 (NBC)’s long-time half-hour midday newscast at noon for local news in the market and will be delivered by the same team that’s already in place for their weekday morning newscast, WWAY NewsChannel 3 – Good Morning Carolina (5:30-7:00am): Randy Aldridge and Ashley Sturm with StormTrack 3 Weather from Meteorologist Stephanie Waldref.

WWAY NewsChannel 3 at 7:00 on WWAY CBS will compete against WSFX 26 (FOX)’s half-hour weeknight newscast at 7:00pm that is produced by their sister station WECT 6. The newscast will be anchored by the same evening news team that WWAY 3 already has in place: Daniel Seamans and Amanda Fitzpatrick with StormTrack 3 Weather from AMS/Sealed Chief Meteorologist Scott Dean.

Because of WWAY acquiring CBS and putting it on 3.2, The CW is moving to 3.3 and with it, the half-hour weeknight newscast at 10:00pm that WWAY 3 produces for The CW will move to 3.3 as well and that move will happen on the same day as the new newscasts launch, Monday January 2nd 2017. The same team will remain in place on that newscast with Fitzpatrick and Chief Met. Dean.

So two new half-hour newscasts make the debut when CBS is just 24-hours fresh on WWAY 3’s airwaves. It’s good to see more alternative options come though when WECT 6 has been kings in that market since forever. Competition is good and this will serve that exact purpose.


3 thoughts on “WWAY will soon add two new local newscasts for its CBS subchannel.

  1. I wonder If WILM will still have newscasts or continue to simulcast WRAL newscasts as an independent station? I could see WILM simulcasting WRAZ newscasts since WRAZ news is the same as WRAL News at 7:00am, 8:00am and 10:00pm to fill the 7,8 am and 10:00pm timeslots and simulcasting WRAL newscasts at 5, 6 am, noon 4, 5, 6 and 11:00pm.


    • I believe that it will overtake many of the same positions that The CW is currently on for cable. I’m not exactly sure if it will 100% be on the same position as WWAY 3 has DT2 on 1212 on TWCable due to The CW. With CBS however, it may be moved up to a top tier local channel. Contact TWC Wilmington for that.


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