A small minor newscast change… #110.

WCSH 6 / Portland, ME (
WCSH 6 / Portland, ME (“WCSH 6”)
WLBZ 2 / Bangor (
WLBZ 2 / Bangor (“WLBZ 2”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: A small change has taken place in Maine on Saturday mornings. It’s an expansion that went un-noticed.

Just recently, WCSH 6 and WLBZ 2 have expanded the Saturday morning newscast to another hour to start at 5:00am. NewsCenter – The Morning Report is seen on both stations in its entirety and the Saturday edition now runs from 5:00-7:00am. The Sunday morning edition continues to run from 6:00-8:00am.

In terms of competition, in Portland, WCSH 6 now competes against WMTW 8 (ABC) during the Saturday 5:00am hour for local news in the market. In Bangor, because WLBZ 2 has long been the home of the market’s only weekend morning news thanks to its sister station in Portland, there’s no competition there. It’s also mainly because WABI 5 (CBS/CW) and WVII 7 (ABC) have never produced weekend morning news in its history and due to Bangor’s small market size, it probably never will.

There is another small change (expansion and shortening) that will soon take place in Connecticut and that will be detailed in the next report…


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