WTNH is going back to 4:30 a.m. but the noon news will be shortened.

WTNH 8 / New Haven - Hartford (
WTNH 8 / New Haven – Hartford (“News 8”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: An expansion and a shortening is coming to one television station in Connecticut and it begins in the new year.

Starting Tuesday January 3rd, 2017, WTNH 8 will be bringing back its 4:30am half-hour of its weekday morning newscast, News 8 – Good Morning Connecticut. The newscast was cut in December of 2014 and then started at 5:00am. It becomes the last station (AGAIN, just like last time it added the half-hour) to broadcast local morning news at 4:30am in the market, long after WFSB 3 (CBS), WVIT 30 (NBC) and WTIC 61 (FOX; starts at 4:00am) have started morning news at that time in the market. The weekday edition of Good Morning Connecticut will soon run from 4:30-7:00am. However, it doesn’t come without a shortening of a newscast…

Also starting that day, WTNH 8 will cut its hour-long weekday noon newscast down to 30 minutes. News 8 at Noon will become a half-hour noon newscast once against and will fill the 12:30pm timeslot instead with Family Feud by Steve Harvey. With this, there will be no hour-long noon newscasts in the market anymore (AGAIN) and WVIT 30 is home to the only hour-long midday newscast in the market at 11:00am.

WTNH 8’s noon newscast used to be an hour-long until February of 2009 when it became a half-hour newscast. Just last year in January of 2015, it became an hour-long noon newscast once again, but now coming in January of 2017, it becomes a half-hour noon newscast once again so that it airs a popular game show while not delivering local news at 12:30pm.

So, a half and half situation. It expands in the morning, but shortens at midday. Haven’t we seen this already before?


5 thoughts on “WTNH is going back to 4:30 a.m. but the noon news will be shortened.

  1. I’m so so disappointed that the noon news and weather hour will be shortened!! That was such a great hour of news, weather and comraderee between Gil Simmons and our terrific newscaster! I used to tape it when I knew I’d be unavailable to hear it live! What the heck?
    I so agree that Silly family Feud show should go to 4:30 and not 12:30!! What audience does that help? Most folks are not home from work, but more importantly, there is SO MUCH new beginning around that time of day! Ughhhhh.


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