WNBC is moving its noon newscast and joining the other NBC O&O’s at 11:00 a.m.

WNBC 4 / New York City (
WNBC 4 / New York City (“NBC 4 New York”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: I promise you haven’t heard of this yet on TVSpy, TVNewsCheck, FTVLive or anywhere else so keep it a secret, okay? Whoops! I’m telling you anyways tonight because its a blog exclusive.

Starting Monday January 16th, 2017, WNBC 4 is moving its half-hour noon newscast and joining the other NBC O&O stations in the market by putting it at 11:00am. News 4 New York Midday will soon become the area’s ONLY midday newscast on at that time and it will remain as a half-hour newscast. The newscast at noon is currently anchored by David Ushery and Stacey Bell and they’ll continue to anchor that newscast as it moves to 11:00am. StormTeam 4 Weather will continue to come from Meteorologist Dave Price.

Their lifestyle/entertainment show, New York Live, will move to 11:30am. That half-hour program will continue to be anchored by Sara Gore and Jacque Reid. WNBC 4 will become the second-to-last NBC O&O station to move its midday newscast at 11:00am (WBTS 8 in Boston launches this Sunday and will have its half-hour noon newscast debut next Tuesday) and will be just the third station in the group to air it as a half-hour, with KNSD 39 (Cable 7) in San Diego and WTVJ 6 in Miami also airing half-hour 11:00am newscasts (KNSD 39 airs Access Hollywood at 11:30am while WTVJ 6 airs its own lifestyle/entertainment show 6 in the Mix at 11:30am). All other NBC O&O’s air their midday newscast at 11:00am for an hour.

With this change, they’ll be two programming changes. NBC’s remaining soap opera, Days of our Lives, will move an hour earlier and air at noon. Access Hollywood Live currently airs at 11:00am, but once the newscast and NYL moves to the 11:00am hour, AHL will move to 1:00pm and then the rest of their daytime lineup will air as scheduled.

This will be the first time that New York City will have a midday newscast at 11:00am since WNYW 5 (FOX) cancelled its midday newscast in 2009. Called FOX 5 Live, it aired for a half-hour at 11:30am, but moved up to 11:00am in 2006 and became an hour-long newscast, but was cancelled when the station expanded its popular morning newscast, Good Day New York, to five hours and started airing at 9:00am. The station hasn’t had a midday newscast since then.

But now, WNBC 4 is bringing back local news at 11:00am in the market for the first time since 2009, seven years exactly. Feels good that WNBC 4 is doing this, ehh?


6 thoughts on “WNBC is moving its noon newscast and joining the other NBC O&O’s at 11:00 a.m.

  1. I wonder if KNTV in San Francisco will get a 4:00pm newscast since their the only NBC O&O station without a 4:00pm newscast. Ellen still comes @ 4:00pm on KNTV. For some reason KNTV did not participate in the NBC O&O station 4:00pm news expansion.


      • So many inconsistencies in this story. First, in response to KNTV not having a 4pm news Roly, you said maybe they’ll “finally” get rid of Rachael Ray from their lineup. FYI Rachael Ray was on KGO last year (and I believe KPIX before that). So you make it sound like its been on KNTV forever when it’s only been on that station for a few months.

        Next, this is a “First on the Blog” yet you clearly stole it from TVNewsTalk. I wish you would stop using that moniker as you clearly steal stuff from other sources. You have something good hear yet your work is sloppy. And like anytime before, I’m sure you’ll glance over my response and make up some excuse in responding.

        And Jeremy, you ever notice that you are the only everyday commentor on here? Obsessed a bit?


  2. Message to Vic from Jeremy The reason I may be the only commentator blogging everyday is because I have interest in the local news and media and Roly happens to have the same interest I have. When I found this website it was right up my all ally and was glad there was someone out there that has the same interests and hobbies I have. So Vic sue me if I am a bit obsessed. And Vic there are bigger problems in the world then people stealing content from other sources and websites.


    • Roly- just as I imagined. You pretty much avoided almost everything I said. You probably won’t even respond to this comment.

      Jeremy- maybe not in this instance, but with other posts, it’s called plagiarism. When you take it from a newspaper and post it yourself without giving credit and on top of it posting it as being first (because apparently only three major websites count). So yeah, plagiarism is kind of a big deal. Also, I appreciate that you’re a regular reader and that this interests you, it’s just odd that you comment on almost every single post.


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