WATM is airing its own local newscasts once again, with help from WJAC.

WATM-TV 23 / Altoona - Johnstown - State College (
WATM-TV 23 / Altoona – Johnstown – State College (“ABC 23”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: It looks like one station in West Central Pennsylvania is back to doing its own local newscasts, but it provides help from one other local station.

Just recently, apparently since the very end of last year, WATM 23 is airing its own local newscasts again. The newscasts are not in-house though as news anchors, meteorologists and local reporters are provided by WJAC 6 (NBC) in the same market, the same station that also produces a half-hour 10:00pm nightly newscast, under an agreement, for WWCP 8 (FOX), WATM 23’s sister station. Titled WATM NewsCentre (yes, Canadian spelling), the newscasts air weekday mornings for a half-hour at 6:30am and weeknights at 6:00pm plus 7 nights a week at 11:00pm.

They are more like pre-recorded in advance since it competes in the same timeslots as WJAC 6’s newscasts, with WJAC 6’s newscasts being LIVE and WATM 23’s being pre-recorded. It also competes against WTAJ 10 (CBS)’s newscasts in the same timeslots as well.

The parnership between WJAC 6 and WWCP 8 will continue so that the market will continue to get a primetime newscast at 10:00pm. But other than that, it seems like the partnership between WJAC 6 and WATM 23 has grown to include more local news, even if seen at the same timeslots as the other stations.

So much for adding news, ehh… ?


4 thoughts on “WATM is airing its own local newscasts once again, with help from WJAC.

  1. Thanks for noticing our new newscast! A couple clarifications: We are very much live at 6 & 11 PM, and the “News Centre” spelling is a nod to Centre County.

    While we use much of the same expanded team as WJAC (you won’t see me on 6 News), and some stories may air on both stations, News Centre is focusing much more heavily on Centre County news. I’d expect the station to put out a lot more information about what we’re trying to do in the very near future.

    Have a good weekend!


    • Well thank you Justin first of all for noticing my blog. That really does mean alot. And thank you for all this information! Very helpful to my readers. Again, thank you! I have since added your twitter to the list of TV news people recognizing my blog. Very appreciative!


  2. Here in Indianapolis, sister stations CBS4 and FOX59 each air live newscasts on both stations, even in competing time slots and share reporters for their stories. They even share their main on-air talents when needed to cover those on vacation and any other time someone has a day off. Otherwise, each station have their own main anchors, meteorologists and sports directors/reporters. This all began on January 1st, 2015 when WTTV 4 and WISH-TV 8 swapped affiliations. Nothing is prerecorded for either station.


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