A small minor newscast change… #114.

KUSA 9 / Denver (
KUSA 9 / Denver (“Channel 9”)
KTVD 20 / Denver (
KTVD 20 / Denver (“Channel 20”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: A small change to report from the largest market in Colorado.

Just recently, KUSA 9 has stopped producing a LIVE half-hour midday newscast for its sister station KTVD 20 (MyTV). Titled 9 News at 11:00am on Channel 20, it competed against KMGH 7 (ABC)’s hour-long 11:00am newscast as well as KDVR 31 (FOX)’s recently launched half-hour newscast in the same timeslot. They have since replaced the newscast with a repeat of KUSA 9’s lifestyle/talk show Colorado and Company, which airs at 10:00am on KUSA 9 and now airs immediately as a repeat one hour later at 11:00am on KTVD 20.

The newscast was started in 2010 when there was a Daily Connection between NBC O&O’s and NBC News. KTVD 20 was the only non-NBC O&O station to participate. When that folded in 2011, it converted into a traditional newscast and was airing in that timeslot since.

Other than that, there is a major expansion coming to West Central Pennsylvania. It comes from a duopoly there but it’s the opposite station this time. Details will come in the next report.


2 thoughts on “A small minor newscast change… #114.

  1. In a WMFL universe KUSA-TV would be a WMFL owned TV station. In a WMFL universe KUSA call letters would be KDCO-TV. “(Denver: KDCO ** Channel 9 (Independent; 9 News)”


  2. TEGNA stations have been cut news on their stations lately like KPNX cutting its noon newscast and closing their 24-hour local cable all day news channels they use to run like TXCN and NWCN. I think TEGNA may be in the business of cutting back instead of improving.


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