KUTV now airs local news for KJZZ because they’re sister stations.

KUTV 2 / Salt Lake City (
KUTV 2 / Salt Lake City (“KUTV Channel 2”)
KJZZ-TV 14 / Salt Lake City (
KJZZ-TV 14 / Salt Lake City (“KJZZ 14”)

There’s now more local news in Utah thanks to a newly formed duopoly. And those local newscasts started airing last night. Oh and, this is a reunion of sorts.

It started last night, Monday January 9th and now from every weekday on, KUTV 2 now airs three newscasts for its new sister station KJZZ 14, all are LIVE.

First off, KUTV 2 has added an extra hour of weekday morning news and it’s on KJZZ 14 with KUTV 2 News This Morning at 8:00am on KJZZ 14. The new extra hour competes against KSTU 13 (FOX)’s already-established and popular Good Day Utah in that hour for local news in Utah. It doesn’t air a 7:00am hour because KUTV 2 already airs that hour since it airs CBS This Morning from 8:00-9:00am on KUTV 2 followed by the second hour from 9:00-10:00am on its other sister station KMYU 12 (MyTV), otherwise known as My Utah TV.

Speaking of KMYU 12… KJZZ 14 now simulcasts the 7:00pm newscast from KMYU 12 and is aired on both signals every weeknight. It remains as a half-hour newscast. That newscast is known as KUTV 2 News at 7:00.

Finally, KJZZ 14 now brings Utah’s third primetime newscast at 9:00pm with KUTV 2 News at 9:00 on KJZZ 14. It is also a half-hour newscast that is anchored by Heidi Hatch with Weather from Meteorologist Chase Thomason. This competes with the half-hour Utah’s CW 30 News at 9:00 from KUCW 30 (CW), produced by KTVX 4 (ABC) and the long-established and hour-long FOX 13 News at 9:00 from KSTU 13.

KUTV 2’s 9:00pm news anchor, Heidi Hatch:

“We promise a fast-paced newscast that doesn’t waste your time as you’re wrapping up your day and setting your alarm clock early. I’m personally excited to take on this new role where I can help create a new product that keeps up with a changing news landscape where social media and a constant twitter feed drives our conversations.”

By the way, the reunion that was I talking about early in this post? This will be the first time since 2010 that KUTV 2 has aired a local newscast for KJZZ 14. It previously did so when KUTV 2 was owned by CBS and KJZZ 14 was owned by the Larry H. Miller Communications Corporation. It started in 2005 with weekday mornings at 9:00am and weeknights at 9:00pm. That was discontinued in 2010 when the LMA between the two stations expired at which point KJZZ 14 started up a new agreement with KSL 5 (NBC). That’s been broken up now as KUTV 2 and KJZZ 14 reunite once again, this time as legit sister stations.

So more news has come to Utah in favor of another hour on weekday mornings, primetime at 7:00pm and the good old timeslot at 9:00pm. It’s a reunion made in heaven… I think.

DISCLAIMERSome of the information used about the new 9:00pm newscast was taken from Utah’s #1 Newspaper… The Salt Lake Tribune, who first reported on the story. Credit to Scott D. Pierce for the story.


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