A small minor newscast change… #118.

WZVN-TV 26 / Naples - Ft. Myers - Cape Coral (
WZVN-TV 26 / Naples – Ft. Myers – Cape Coral (“ABC 7”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: A small change just took place in Southwest Florida.

Just recently, WZVN 26 (Cable 7) has discontinued its half-hour weeknight newscast at 5:30pm. Titled ABC 7 News at 5:30, it seemed that WZVN 26 had sort of a return to possibly air at least an hour or even 90-minutes of local weeknight news, but that has since been scrapped.

The 5:30pm weeknight newscast has been replaced by Two and a Half Men. With this discontinuation, there are only two weeknight newscasts left at 5:30pm in Southwest Florida… WINK News at 5:30 on WINK 11 (Cable 5 – CBS) and NBC 2 News at 5:30 on WBBH 20 (Cable 2 – NBC).

Other than that, there are no other major additions or expansions to report on at this time.


4 thoughts on “A small minor newscast change… #118.

  1. (“I’m willing to Now bet that WZVN will move to WBBH 20.2, but still be called ABC 7.”) In my city of Albuquerque the FOX station moved to 13.2 from KASA-TV 2. Now the FOX station in ABQ is on sub digital channel. KASA-TV is now a Telemundo station I think one of the very few Spanish language TV stations in the Grand United States of America thats on a VHF channel if there are still VHF and UHF since digital TV. When you scan your digital TV you don’t always get VHF channels for example one of my TVs does not pick up KOAT-TV 7 but it picks up channels such as KWBQ-TV 19 and KASY-TV 50. FOX in my city of ABQ had to move from KASA-TV 2 to KRQE-DT 13.2 because of the Nexstar buy out of Media General which owns KRQE.


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