No more news on WBIN as the TV side is ready to go off-air.

WBIN-TV 50 / Derry - Manchester, NH - Boston, MA (
WBIN-TV 50 / Derry – Manchester, NH – Boston, MA (“WBIN TV”)

Well… this will be the last time I report on WBIN because the following will tell you why.

After 33 years serving New Hampshire, WBIN 50 (Cable 18) will soon cease to exist in the coming months after selling its broadcast spectrum to the FCC and because of it, the television side of NH1 News has been shut down immediately and the station’s latest attempt at news only lasted two and a half years.

All of WBIN 50’s newscasts have been cancelled immediately and are no longer on-the-air. As of this post, the 5:00 and 5:30pm newscasts have been replaced by two episodes of The Simpsons and the 6:00pm newscast was replaced by Family Feud with Steve Harvey. No word as to what has replaced the 10:00pm newscast since WBIN 50’s final newscast was aired yesterday at 10:00pm and signed-off without any warning that WBIN 50 would sell its signal and shut down all TV newscasts.

A majority of the staff has been laid off this morningas the signal was sold to the FCC for $68.1 million dollars. Plus, the rest of its license rights was sold to a major TV group (unknown as of this post) for $10-30 million in which it will channel-share with. The money will be used by Binnie Media, soon-to-be WBIN 50’s former and last owner, to focus on other media assests, such as digital (NH1 News Online), outdoor and its 19 radio stations across New Hampshire, including WNNH 99.1 NH1 Newsradio in Concord, NH.

With the shutdown of the TV side, WMUR 9 (ABC) will soon become home (once again) to the ONLY television news department focusing on New Hampshire and considering that WMUR 9 has won the local news ratings in New Hampshire for as long as records have been kept, its no surprise that WBIN 50 is exiting out.

WBIN 50’s soon-to-be former owner, Bill Binnie:

“The sale of our television business makes strategic and financial sense. The deal makes WBIN-TV one of the most valuable media properties in the history of New Hampshire media. Many of our employees at WBIN-TV and NH1 News will be transferred to our other media businesses. Our commitment to New Hampshire and local news has never been stronger.”

So right now, WBIN 50 is no longer airing any newscasts and will shut down in a few months time. Well, the loss of WBIN 50 is for sure the gain of WMUR 9 and you can blame the audience and revenue on that end formed WBIN 50’s downfall. New Hampshire in Every Way can no longer be seen in every way unless if your from the station in which No One Covers New Hampshire Like We Do. Because that’s the real reality in the end.

DISCLAIMERSome of the information that was used, especially the quote, was taken from The New Hampshire Union Leader at


7 thoughts on “No more news on WBIN as the TV side is ready to go off-air.

  1. Second independent news station too go dark first XETV in San Diego shutting downs its news operation and now WBIN independent news station shutting down. Not to bring politics or be a conspiracy nut but I wonder if Trump is having the FCC secretly cracking down on non network independent news stations because independent stations with no news network affiliation such as ABC, NBC, CBS or FOX may not air Trump news such as network affiliated news stations do and instead put their real focus on local news stories and in Trumpworld news stations that do not air Trump news or news that focus on him would be labeled FAKE NEWS.


  2. I mean TV stations not affiliated with a major news network such as ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX. CW is not a news network or have network news like NBC, ABC, CBS, or FOX. CW, ION, MY Network would be considered secondary networks or second rate networks. First rate networks are NBC, ABC, CBS, I don’t know what FOX network would be considered they have cable news but not daytime programming or a nightly network newscast or network morning show.


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